Thursday, August 11, 2011

The "Bungalow"

Here is the little former base house where we stayed. It had a lovely front porch that I wish our house here had!

And here is a dark shot of the living/dining area from the front door. The bedrooms and bathroom are down the hall on the left.

These were some of the intimidating cleaning instructions. These ones were on the fridge. They also went to the trouble of mailing us a paper with regulations and requirements, but which lacked actual useful info, such as that the pool is always closed Mondays, and the lifeguards don't show up at the beach until 11:00! This sort of info was also not on the website. We decided the people in charge at this place had the attitude that we should be grateful they were allowing us to stay in their place, as we were clearly a bit of an inconvenience to them by making them do work. Definitely not much customer service! But having 3 bedrooms was wonderful, and it was only $120 a night--which Bob's company paid for, since he was working! (Well, not Sunday night, since he was off Monday.) Still, a great deal for us! What's a little cleaning!?!

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Tonya said...

We used to stay a week at Solomon's Island every year when we lived in Maryland. We loved it. When we first started going, you had to clean and bring your own sheets, so it is actually much better now! We usually stayed in the houses closer to the water - not the huge ones, but across the street from them. We miss it!