Friday, September 14, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Now I'm 29 weeks and a few days. This morning I took my 3-hour glucose test bright and early at Bethesda.  I left at 6:40 and was able to start the test at 7:45, so I made good time.  One thing that really frustrated me when I took the test with Faith was that I had to have my blood drawn first for a fasting number, then wait until those results got back, and THEN I could drink the nasty glucola stuff and start the test.  That took like an extra 40 minutes!  But this time they still drew for a fasting number, but I could drink the stuff right away, so that was much nicer.  I was back home around 11:40. At least I got some biology done!

They should call Monday, I expect.  I have an old glucose monitor, plus some old test strips, and I have been monitoring my levels occasionally after meals.  They have been either on the high side of normal (after breakfast and lunch), or just higher than they should be (dinner), even with exercising, so I am sure I have gestational diabetes again.  The only thing that could potentially be off is that the monitor/test strips are several years old, and I can't make sure the monitor is calibrated, because the testing solution was way old and gave wayyyyy wonky readings when I tried test strips with it.  But still, I'm expecting a call on Monday.  And I'm okay with it, I guess.  What I really don't want to do is sit through the 3 hour nutritional orientation thing again!!  Oh well.  I just hope those aren't offered only on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons or something.

I also called and scheduled my follow-up ultrasound today.  It's going to be at 10:30 on Oct. 19.  I'll be over 34 weeks then, and the doctors wanted it to be around 32 weeks, but oh well.  They were actually the ones who messed things up!  You may not remember, but when I had my regular ultrasound (which was early--I was only 17 weeks), my placenta was over my cervix some, so the tech told me I need to have a follow-up ultrasound to see if it moved.  She told me to call at 26 weeks to schedule the ultrasound for 32 weeks.  So I called a few times.  They never answered, but the message said to leave your name, sponser's last 4, etc. and they would call right back.  But they never did.  So I went to my appointment on Monday, where the nurse practitioner I was seeing told me I needed to schedule this ultrasound!  I told her I'd been trying, but no one ever called me back. She said that was because there wasn't actually an order in the system.  Someone thought they would just do a quick ultrasound in the exam room, instead of an ultrasound over at prenatal assessment, but when they ran that by the head doc, he said, no, she needs to have a formal ultrasound done, down in the regular radiology department!  So the lady put in the order after my appointment, but it had to go through Tricare (?), and I couldn't call until now.  And Oct. 19 is the first available slot.  Originally I was really not terribly concerned--I assumed the placenta would move--but when the doctor said I needed a formal scan, I will admit to being a trifle more concerned now!  We'll see what happens, I guess.  No sense worrying about what you can't do anything about!

As far as physical symptoms go, I have already started having the pubic pain that is always so bad for me at the end of pregnancy.  I just carry so low, and my abdominal muscles are shot after all these pregnancies (and big babies, LOL)!  I found this maternity belt on Amazon.  It got good reviews and wasn't too expensive, so I ordered it, and it arrived Wednesday.  I love it!  It's not too big, so it's comfortable to wear.  I especially have been wearing it when I stand up a lot, and when I exercise, and it really has been helping suppport my poor low belly.  The pubic pain is much less, which gives me hope for the remaining 10 or 11 weeks! 


Anonymous said...

Will be praying the placenta has moved. I tell you, pregnancy at almost 40 isn't for sissies, is it? :-) Take care, Marie

Beverly said...

Thanks for the update! I know it's not like this for you, but your pregnancy is flying by, LOL. Always the case when it's someone else's pregnancy or deployment! Hope all goes well these last couple of months!