Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Unusual Question

Our big kitchen table is covered with maps (world on one end, U.S. on the other), and then a big plastic sheet that I get from JoAnn's Fabrics over top, so it is easy to wipe off.  I was sitting on the end last night, and after dinner, I was casually wiping off a few crumbs from the edge of the table where the bench is.  It seemed a little bit . . . lumpy, so I reached my hand under the plastic and the map to see what was there.  I quickly yanked my hand back out, because whatever it was, was VERY squishy and yucky!  As soon as I flipped the map up, I could see what this gross mystery substance was--hard-boiled egg yolk, at least several days old, given its smell, all squished around under the map.  Disgusting!!!

Of course, we all knew who the culprit was:
Micah loves hard-boiled eggs!  In fact, he often pitches a temper tantrum when I won't allow him to eat more than 2 at a time!  But he only eats the egg whites, never the yolks.  Usually he leaves them on the table, like a little tip for the serving girl, but obviously one time he had the grand idea of hiding them under the table mat and then enjoying the nice feel of squishing them all around under there. 
SO that leaves me with my unusual question:  how do you get the smell of rotten eggs out of your beautiful hardwood table?  It is indeed a question I never imagined I would be asking!

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