Monday, September 22, 2014

Last OB Appointment

Hey, I made it into the "twenties" part of the month, so I should be able to have this baby any day now!  I had my last OB appointment AND last non-stress test this morning.  Yay!  I'm 4 cm dilated, and the baby is definitely lower than she was last week, so that is good.  Maybe the exam will start something, but I doubt it.  Nothing so far, as far as contractions go!  But hopefully the induction Thursday evening will go better than the one with Drew, where he was so high and wouldn't move down.  The doctor said maybe they wouldn't even give me pitocin, but just break my water.  That would be nice, but I doubt that too!  I was 5 cm when I went in with Micah, and I still was put on pitocin before they broke my water.  And I was 6 cm dilated with Anna, and still, pitocin!

So we're just waiting around in the meantime.  I'll go ahead and teach my Rivendell classes tomorrow, but I did decide not to have the Latin class meet on Wednesday.  Nathan has an interview with his blue and gold officer (that's what UNSA calls their admissions liaison officers) Wednesday evening, but he should be able to drive himself to that.  Everything else just pretty much goes on as always!

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