Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Drew turned 2 on Sunday.  I can't believe it's been 2 years since Drew was born!  He definitely thinks he is a big boy now.  When we came home from our trip to Ohio this summer, he stopped sitting in the high chair.  He's talking up a storm now.  If only he would show the slightest interest in potty-training.  Next summer for sure . . .
We already had his cake at Bible study 2 weeks ago, but we did have ice cream Sunday night.  Drew seemed a bit thrown by the "birthday" concept, although he was all about the ice cream!
He really wasn't sure what to do with his presents.  Finally he opened them with some help.  We got him this little train thing which folds out and is really cute.
I also dug around in closets and found this blow-up F-15.  We actually bought a bunch of these back in December 2000 from the USAFA gift shop before we PCSed from there (I found the receipt in the bag!).  This one had been blown up before and was just stuffed back in the plastic store bag, being saved for . . . this moment, I guess.  Caleb blew it up, and Drew really likes it, even though it doesn't look like it in this picture.  I don't expect it to last all that long, as I seem to remember the other ones deflating after not too many days of play.  We used to have F-16s in Thunderbird colors, as well as F-15s.  As Nathan pointed out, you can tell how old this is, since F-15s are obsolete now.  How nice to be able to recycle gifts like this!  Practically antique!
And here's a bonus picture of Verity, just because she's a sweet cutie!  So happy and smiley, and such a good sleeper!

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