Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Exciting Times!

The past few days have had a lot going on, some good and some bad.
Verity ran a fever over the weekend.  I wasn't worried, but when she woke up again with a fever over 100 Monday, I decided to take her in, just to make sure it wasn't anything, because Monday was the only day I really could do that this week.  As so often happens, as soon as I made the appointment, her fever went away and never came back, and she perked right up, LOL.  So the trip to the doctor was pretty much a waste of time, as she was obviously healthy as can be once we got there!  She is up to 15 pounds, 1 ounce, which is smack-dab at the 5th percentile, as I just plotted out.  But she's eating so well!  She loves table food, and she's still taking a bottle, although she stops when she's done--I can't force her to eat more.  Actually, today she decided she didn't really want to nurse, but before that she's also been nursing fine.  I really hope she's not self-weaning right now, but that's what it has seemed like today.  Gah . . . weight issues.  SO frustrating!  Anyhow, Verity's new skill is climbing up an entire set of stairs, so now we really have to watch her!  It's just like those malnourished babies to be climbing staircases at 8 months . . .

As we were driving back from Bethesda, Bob called with the unsettling news that our main refrigerator in the kitchen smelled like burning wires, so he had unplugged it while he cleaned behind it, just in case dirty coils were causing it to overheat.  Before I actually got home, however, a man from VT arrived at our house to personally present a scholarship to Nathan--he was in the area, presenting scholarships to students in area high schools, so he wanted to come to our house to present Nathan's to him.  Wasn't that nice?!  So after he left, and after Bob got home from attempting to drop everyone off for swim practice (it thundered right as they got there so they turned right back around), we plugged it back in again.  And again the smell of burning wires floated throughout the kitchen, so we unplugged it pretty quickly (picture my sinking heart as I contemplated moving all the stuff in there to various other fridges and freezers . . .)  Of course we are so thankful we HAVE other fridges and another freezer--but the timing is terrible!  We're having an ice cream social graduation party for Nathan on Saturday, so our freezer has over 7 gallons of ice cream in it, and our fridge has a bunch of stuff like 6 cans of whipped cream!  But the good news is that Luke googled the problem and found the answer, which enabled Bob to find the fried part.  What happened is that the filter to our ice maker (which is inside the fridge for some reason) got a little bit lose, so water leaked down the tube and down a hole in the bottom of the fridge . . . right into the compressor.  So a part fried.  I'm thankful it didn't cause an electrical fire while we were sleeping!  Bob ordered the new part, so hopefully it will get here soon . . . and work once installed.  (Praying, praying . . .)
Today Nathan and I drove to Bethesda bright and early so he could get his wisdom teeth out!  The procedure went well and didn't take too long.  I didn't get to see him until after he had already come out of the anesthesia, so no funny stories or video, unfortunately!  He was quite aware and lucid, although a bit mumbly with all the gauze.  He sounded a bit like Micah and Drew!  We are hoping he recovers quickly because, like I said before, we're having his graduation party on Saturday!  And even sooner, he has to go to an awards banquet on Thursday!  He just got notified tonight that he received a $2000 scholarship from a local service organization, so that was very exciting!
Today was also a special day because it was Jonathan's 12th birthday!  We anticipated it might not be the best day for celebrating, not only because of Nathan's teeth, but also because of Civil Air Patrol, so we started the celebration on Saturday.  Above you can see a strawberry tart that Jonathan made with strawberries from our own little strawberry patch on the side of the house!  We really do not have green thumbs, so to be able to make something yummy from stuff we actually grew ourselves is always an amazingly special occasion.  It was yummy too!  Jonathan, Caleb, and Anna all really enjoy cooking, and it's fun to get to sample their creations.
Saturday night we had Jonathan's birthday dinner, so Nathan could celebrate too.  Jonathan had ribs, pierogies, glazed carrots, and fruit salad.  Delicious!
Jonathan did open his presents tonight.  He got a model rocket from Aunt Ann and Uncle Wally, a snap circuits kit, a book of optical illusions that is really interesting, and a kit of science experiments I picked up at Sams a while back that looked right up his alley.  Oh, and a new watch to replace the one that broke a few months back.  Also the assortment of candy I've been giving each child since Luke's birthday.  Jonathan' selection included Whoppers, Swedish Fish, M&Ms, and peanut butter cups.  Yum!

Now we're looking forward to my parents coming out here on Thursday so they can be here to celebrate Nathan's graduation.  This will be the first long car trip for my mom since she got her knee replaced in April, so we're praying she tolerates the trip well, and can handle all the stairs in our house! The excitement never stops around here!

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