Sunday, January 01, 2017

Quick Trip

Last night, we rang in the New Year at 9:00 at the L's house, as usual.  We had a grand time, and the kids didn't go to bed until close to 11:00.

That didn't stop us from doing something out of the ordinary this morning!  Bob and I got Micah, Drew, and Verity up early and headed to PA to see Nathan, who has been working at WSS over the Christmas break!  Now we weren't completely crazy--my initial plan had been to get up there in time for church at 10:30, but that would have required us leaving around 8:00.  Instead, we left closer to 9:00.  The kids were definitely crabby in the van (we just took a minivan, like a regular family!), but we pushed through.

When we got there, church was ending, and the adults were breaking up into their small groups.  Nathan wasn't doing that, since he had to help with lunch, so we got to visit with him for a bit and give him his last few Christmas presents. Then while he went back to work, we went down to the playground for awhile to run off steam.  
We ate lunch with Nathan and some other friends with a big family that were up there.  It is always fun to run into people there, and this time was no exception.  One couple we talked to had been stationed with my parents back when I was in high school, and I hadn't seen them in years!  It was fun to catch up with them before lunch.

After lunch, there was a hayride down to the old hotel.  The wagon was pulled by a tractor, which was loud and very alarming to both Drew and Verity, who firmly insisted they were not a bit interested in riding behind it.  So Micah was the only one who rode down in it.
Down at the old hotel, the kids decorated gingerbread cookies.  One thing we never were able to do at my parents' house was decorate cookies, so it was fun that they got to do at least one cookie this year.
Down in the basement Nathan was helping oversee candle-dipping.  Drew and Micah each dipped a candle with various degrees of success but lots of fun (and glitter).
They were having these wagon rides at the same time as all these other activities, with these absolutely gorgeous horses that are owned by a neighbor.  They had some extra room, and Drew was very excited to go.  In a stunning reversal of roles, Micah was absolutely not interested.  He insisted the horses would be louder than the tractor because of their harness bells jingling, so he didn't want to go.  Yeah . . . not, but whatever.  Drew had a great time with some random strangers on the ride, lol.

After we finished up there, we hiked back up to the new hotel where we visited with more people while the kids played on all the outside riding toys in the big driveway.  We stayed until 5:00, which was later than we expected, but it was just fun to be up there!  And it was special to do something with just the younger 3 kids.  We used to be a lot more spontaneous, but with so many kids, it gets harder and harder.  I was glad the littles got a chance to do something different, and Luke was able to get everyone else here at home off to church and to clean up here after they got back.
Plus, it was just really nice to see Nathan.  I was the one who really wanted to go up there and see what he had been doing, see who all has been up there with him, and so on, so I'd have faces for names he talks about when he comes home.  It was well worth the trip!  Although we do look forward to having him back home with us.  He is definitely missed around here!

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