Thursday, October 05, 2017

Getting Old

Yesterday I took a big step--I bought a pair of reading glasses!  Now I can practice my stern librarian look, as I glare over the top of my glasses . . .
Every year, I have been dreading more and more opening my teacher manuals for BJU science.  The student text pages are reproduced in there, but at only about 2/3 the size, so there is a margin around the edge for some extra notes.  This makes the print extremely small . . . and I am dealing with that small print more and more poorly each year.  

A few days ago, I broke down and tried Bob's reading glasses on.  Wow!  The print was clear, and I wasn't straining!  So I bought myself this lovely purple pair at Walmart yesterday.  I'm still not exactly sure I got the right ones, but they definitely help.  Maybe this will make my prep slightly less onerous, lol.  It is definitely a clear sign of my aging though.  It looks like I stopped having babies just in time!  Ha!

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