Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home . . . Briefly

This is a few days late, but we made it home from Ohio safely Tuesday night. The drive was uneventful, and we even met Bob at McDonalds so he could take Nathan on to Civil Air Patrol. The most interesting part of the drive was when we stopped in eastern Ohio for lunch at Taco Bell. This exit has a mall and a strip mall, so imagine our surprise when, as we pulled in to the parking lot, we had to wait for an Amish horse and buggy to go by! They pulled into the bank parking lot adjacent to Taco Bell. One guy hopped out and went inside while another man and 2 ladies waited patiently for awhile. I know it was awhile because we were all also waiting patiently for Micah to nurse, LOL. As we got out, eventually, the man came back, and they all trotted off.

We listened to more of Tom Sawyer on the ride, until Faith and Micah got too loud as we got close to Virginia. One chapter was about this end-of-school recitation event they had. I was gratified to hear that one selection mentioned was "The Assyrian Came Down", otherwise known as "The Destruction of Sennacherib". We memorized this poem during memory work this past year! In fact, Daniel McC put it to music, with a modified version of "O Worship the King". So funny to sing that tune with those words! "And there lay the rider, distorted and pale, with the dew on his brow and the rust on his mail . . . " [Did they even have mail back in Hezekiah's time? I think not.] Well, I don't think we'll be singing those words in church any time soon anyhow, LOL.

We were only home 2 full days before packing up and launching back out again, this time to NE Pennsylvania. We visited Bob's sister Rose at her beautiful old house on a beautiful lake. Lots of Bob's family was also there, and we celebrated a big milestone birthday for Rose (35, LOL). It was tons of fun, but I'll post more about the weekend later.

So we're actually down 2 kids right now. We left Caleb and Jonathan with my parents for a little over a week of special "Grandma and Grandpa Camp" time. They have already been to Magic Castle with Amy, her mom, and Jacob, and to the Neil Armstrong Museum. There's more fun on tap for next week, and then we are planning on meeting halfway and picking them up Friday.

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