Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Water Fun

Sunday after breakfast and packing up our room, we headed back over to Rose's.
Bob, Nathan, and Luke decided to go kayaking. They went all over the lake, and Nathan even got his feet sunburned from having them sticking straight up for so long!

Rose took the 3 girls on a paddle boat ride. I thought Grace would be afraid and Faith would be fearless, but instead Grace, once she got situated, was pretty comfortable, kicking her feet in the water, and Faith had a death grip on the boat! At the end of the ride, though, Rose pulled up by the dock and got Anna out, setting her in the shallow water, since Anna said she wanted to get wet. Grace and Faith set up such a loud wail that Bob thought something was wrong and came leaping out of his kayak to help! Then the girls just played in the little wading pool there by the dock, LOL.

Rose has a golf cart with a cute little tralier to get stuff from her house down to the lake, and Luke loved driving it (and the girls loved riding in it). Why walk when you can drive?!

Here is a picture of Bob's sister Jane and her husband Terry with Micah. Terry was helping Rose install some trim, and Micah was giving him a hand with the drill . . . Terry and Micah had already bonded the day before when they both took a nap on Rose's side porch! Jane was a huge help with the girls. Rose's house is across the street from the lakefront area, and drivers zip by her house, so Jane helped the girls cross numerous times. She also watched them play on the trampoline, read them books, and just really helped keep an eye on them, which was so wonderful especially since I had to nurse a lot and just be with Micah. I know I wouldn't have had nearly as enjoyable of a time without Jane and Terry's help with the kids!

Ann and Wally's daughter Christi and her husband Andres were also there, along with their 6 month old daughter Jasmine. We both brought our bumbos, and Micah and Jasmine looked so cute sitting next to each other! Micah is about the same size as Jasmine, which is so amazing to me. What is in my breastmilk this time?! Jasmine got to go on some boatrides (she even fell asleep!), but she was not a fan of the water in the wading pool! Next year, she'll be right there in the mix with the older girls!

So we had a really fun weekend, and the drive back was much less stressful than the drive there! Of course, when we got back home, our house definitely looked like we had been gone for 2 weeks, come home for 2 days, and then left again. It was so messy! It's taken us these past 2 days to get it in some kind of shape again! We're not going anywhere this weekend, except to meet my parents halfway and pick up Caleb and Jonathan. Did you miss seeing them in the pictures?! We missed having them, although I think it was nice for the older boys in that they were able to do more things with Bob. Actually Jonathan has been fighting off some kind of virus the past few days, so he hasn't even been having that great of a time at Grandma and Grandpa's, poor guy. Hopefully he turned a corner today and will be back to himself tomorrow, so he can enjoy the rest of his week. We look forward to seeing them again on Saturday!

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