Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Latin Exam Results

The boys took the National Latin I exam back on March 15 (I discussed our Latin program here), and we waited eagerly for the results.  The boys all thought it was "really easy", although Nathan and Luke each talked about at least one question they had gotten wrong after it was over. 

We received the results about a week or so ago, and I am pleased to report that all 4 boys did excellently!  They all medaled--2 golds, and 2 silvers!  I am just so thrilled with their results, and so proud of their efforts!  Praise the Lord for his blessing!

We had a little celebration at Rivendell on Tuesday.  After the younger kids arrived from their morning co-op, I presented the medals and the certificates, and then we all enjoyed Air Force Dessert!  It was a fun way to wrap up a lot of hard work!

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