Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spring Break

I've really enjoyed this spring break.  Really, really, REALLY enjoyed it!  The older boys finished up some Rivendell stuff last week, but I did absolutely nothing with the younger kids the entire time, and it was heavenly.  It meant I actually had some time to do some organizing!

I started out last weekend by switching out winter/summer clothes for the younger 6 kids (Nathan and Luke can fend for themselves).  This takes a while as I try to figure out what was never worn and should be donated or consigned, what from Jonathan is in good enough shape to be held onto for 7 years until Micah is big enough, and for the girls, what clothes should go in whose drawer.  The last one is getting harder and harder.  There is less than 3 years between all 3 girls, and I think the day when they will all wear the same size will come pretty quickly.  Oh, for a big "closet room" like the Duggars have, where all the clothes are just arranged by size, and everyone can just come in and pick whatever fits.

Then we had our long-awaited house cleaning on Monday.  This was actually a bit of a surprise, in that we were technically scheduled for Tuesday morning.  But the lady called at 10:00 Monday morning to see if they could come Monday afternoon, around 12:30.  "Ummmm . . . we won't be as "ready" for you as we would be tomorrow," I stammered (while furiously whispering out the side of my mouth, "THEY'RE COMING TODAY!  CLEAN!!!!" to the boys).  I had not finished putting all the clothes tubs away, and I had several other little things I wanted to do before they came.  I jumped into the shower at about 11:35, and at about 11:40, there was a knock on my bathroom door, with Luke saying, "They're here . . . "  I was sure he was playing a late April Fool's joke, but no, they were there!  So I felt a little flustered and disorganized (what else is new in my life, LOL), but in the end, it was fine.  I was glad they came early!  Otherwise I would have just puttered around, never moving on to another project.  Instead, I went to bed Monday night in a sparkling clean house, which was such a huge blessing.

This enabled me to spend Tuesday working on my science lab supplies.  I have an armoire in our schoolroom that is for these supplies, and indeed ones from last year are in there.  Ones for this year were artfully arranged around the armoire in the the boxes they arrived in, all willy-nilly.  So I organized AND catalogued all the supplies (it took several hours!), and now I am so happy!  It should make ordering for next year a piece of cake, as I don't have to root through boxes to see exactly how many graduated cylinders or hydra slides I have currently.  And everything is grouped according to subject (electricity, magnetism, etc) so that really helps too.  I felt so accomplished Tuesday night!

Wednesday and Thursday we worked down in the pit of Legos known as our basement.  I would not call it "organized" yet, but there are a lot less empty boxes and trash down there, and it is clean  ("was" I should say--that lasted all of a few seconds.)  We have more work down there.  I still have an entire room of paperwork to go through, but for right now, I can just shut that door, LOL.

So Friday we rewarded ourselves by having a playdate with some friends.  That was a fun way to pass the time while we eagerly awaited my parents driving in from Ohio for the Easter weekend, as well as Micah's 1 year old birthday on Monday!  We are all enjoying having them here now!

It's going to be hard to get back in the groove of school on Monday . . . only 6 more weeks until summer break . . . although we still have some stuff to finish up over the summer . . . and biology memory work to plan for next year . . . It never ends!

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