Saturday, January 26, 2013

Foggy Brain

I'm going to blog about my brother and niece's visit, but first, a funny from today.

Drew was 8 weeks old yesterday, and he's doing pretty well, as far as sleeping goes.  If I feed him around 9:00, he usually goes until 4:30 or 5:00, and then again until after 8:00.  Of course, I don't go to bed right after I'm done nursing him in the evening, because that's my prime time for getting school-related stuff done, so I'm still feeling pretty tired and foggy-brained.

Today Bob took Luke to his pictures and game starting at 7:30 this morning, and then he and Nathan took Jonathan to his game at 11:00.  The plan was for me to pick up Jonathan after 12:00, when his game ended, so Bob and Nathan could then ref a game.  But a little before noon I had to nurse, so I was running late.  But Bob called as I just started nursing to say he would ask Jonathan's assistant coach (who lives in our neighborhood) to bring Jonathan home with them.  Great! 

So I finished nursing, got my jacket on, and got in the van to go get Jonathan.  It was as if Bob had never called!  I drove over to the church (only about 5 minutes away), and as I drove into the parking lot, something faint jingled in the dark foggy recesses of my brain . . . there was something I should be remembering . . .  hmmm . . . oh, yes!  Our neighbor was bringing Jonathan home!  Bob had called! 

I called home and talked to Caleb.  "Umm, is Jonathan home yet?"  "No . . . oh!  He's just walking in the door!"  "Okay.  I'll be home in a minute too . . ."

I keep telling people my brain is like a sieve--this was a very clear demonstration!

Here's a bonus picture of Drew.  He's intently eyeing the monkey on this thing.  Definitely not too sure about that critter. 

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