Saturday, January 26, 2013

Special Visitors!

This past week we had special company--my brother and his younger daughter Elia came to visit us from Texas!  They flew in on Sunday afternoon, so Bob and I, along with the 3 girls and Drew, drove up to BWI to pick them up.  Dan's wife Melinda had to stay home, since their other daughter Emily had school, so we skyped with them (which was fun, but not the same as having them here too!)
Elia enjoyed meeting her new cousin!  She was very careful with him, and she liked rubbing his fuzzy head.
Dan and Melinda gave the boys their old x-box system for Christmas, so Dan got in some quality playing time with them down in the basement.
Luke read some books to the girls, as did other brothers.
Thursday morning we woke up to a little bit of snow on the ground!  Everyone was quite excited, and the kids played outside in the morning and in the afternoon!  The nice thing was that it was pretty cold, around 20 degrees, so the snow wasn't the super wet and melty stuff that we usually get.  The girls had a ton of fun sliding down the little hill in our front yard, and then they had hot chocolate when they came inside.
The 4 girls had such a fun time together!  They really never even argued!  They played Duplos, dolls, Little People, dress-up, and all sorts of things.  Elia was just one of the crowd, fitting in perfectly! 

The only thing we really went out and did was go over to the L's house for dinner Monday night.  Ed smoked some absolutely delicious barbeque ribs in his smoker, so we had a real feast, plus a ton of fun and laughter!  Otherwise, Dan had a quiet week of relaxing, while Elia happily played with her cousins.  A real vacation, LOL!  We sadly drove back to BWI to drop them off yesterday morning.  They eventually made it home--after sitting on the runway at Charlotte for 3 hours and 15 minutes, waiting to de-ice!  We miss them! 

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