Sunday, August 11, 2013

Special Company

 Friday we had very special company come!  Bob's sister Rose came down from PA with her girls, Maddie and Amanda, and Bob's sister Ann came with her grown daughter Christi, and Christi's kids Jasmine and Joshua!  It was so fun to have everyone visit!
 The 4 little girls had such a ball together!  They played in the play room, out on the trampoline, in the yard . . . lots of things for girls to play with!  They even had a little tea party with tea cups that Ann brought.  Having their big cousins Maddie and Amanda just made it all the more fun!  Anna, Grace, and Faith have been the recipients of lots of handed down clothes, swimsuits, snow stuff, and toys from Maddie and Amanda, so the girls think they are pretty special! 
We were so excited to get to meet Joshua for the first time!  He was born on March 1, so he and Drew are just a few months apart.  They weren't sure what to think of each other, but I know they will get along great when they get a little bit older!

Yesterday Ann and Christi had to get back to Richmond, so they left around noon.  Bob and Rose took most of the kids to the National Zoo (Nathan was gone all day to Richmond for a CAP cyberpatriot training day).  It was just Drew and me at home, which was so nice and quiet!  They had a good time at the zoo, although they did NOT get to see a giraffe (I heard about this travesty from all 3 girls).  The panda exhibit was closed, because the girl might be pregnant, but the boy panda came outside and pooped in front of them (which also made a big impression on all the girls).  I thought Micah would really like the animals, but he was a pill, even lying down and pitching a temper tantrum on a path at one point because he didn't want to ride in the stroller, walk, or be held.  Ahh, the joys of a stubborn, tired 2-year old.  The animals were probably watching him, LOL. 

So we are really enjoying our company!  Tomorrow the plan is to attempt Harper's Ferry . . .

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