Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Anna turned 8 years old today, along with her birthday buddy Amanda L, who turned 16!  We signed up to bring dessert for Bible study, of course, and Anna picked out several good ones.  She did NOT want regular cake--she has become very anti-regular cake and frosting lately, which I have done nothing to discourage, LOL.  Instead, she wanted angel food cake with strawberries.  She has fond memories of Uncle Paul bringing that to Grandma and Grandpa B's house one time, and she thought it was delicious!  I made 4  nine-inch loaf pans of cake, but I was worried about how it would turn out, since I had never made angel food cake before, so I cheated and also bought one in a regular "ring" shape from Sams this afternoon.  I needn't have worried however--the ones I made were good (and all disappeared), and all that is left is 1 slice of the store-bought cake, plus 1 slice of the homemade that I set aside for Nathan.  I also cut up 5 pounds of strawberries (all gone), and we used 2 bottles of spray whip cream.  Yum!

Anna also picked out frosted banana cookies (and she did the frosting), and mint-frosted brownies (all of which also went, except for what I saved out for Nathan--good thing I thought of that ahead of time, or there would have been nothing left except crumbs, I am sure!).  

Nathan is gone this weekend at a Civil Air Patrol competition with a team of 9 from his squadron.  They have been practicing all. the. time. the past few weeks.  I am so glad all that driving is done, but I do hope they perform well and think the whole experience was worth it!  He'll get back Sunday afternoon, hopefully in time to go to flag football referee training, and then on to Community Bible Study.  Busy!

Anna is really growing into a lovely young lady!  She and Grace have been taking gymnastics classes for a year now at our local rec center.  It is an understatement to say that she absolutely loves gymnastics.  She is always doing walkovers and splits all over the house.  She wishes we had more mats to she could practice her back handspring at home!  We did buy a low balance beam from a friend of ours whose daughter (Caleb's age) was done with it.  Anna LOVES having a beam in the playroom, and she is always doing cartwheels and walkovers on it.  All three girls and Micah too use the beam all the time!  It has really been a fun addition.

Anna has also started a homeschool swimming class, along with Caleb, Jonathan, and Grace.  She has always been a little fish, just like her dad!  She is excited about being on the swim team for our local pool this year.  

Anna's new love is reading American girl books.  She's been reading Kirsten ones, but she is also branching out to Molly.  

With Nathan gone the whole weekend, we are spreading out her birthday celebration over several days!  Jonathan was so sweet this morning, and he got up early to make her breakfast in bed--eggs and toast.  We had her birthday desserts tonight, but we'll have her special birthday dinner and open presents Monday.  She is definitely related to her grandmother--she requested steak for her birthday dinner!  

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