Saturday, March 29, 2014


That's pretty much my reply when anyone asks how I am doing.  I feel just fine--no sickness or any other issues--but boy, am I tired!

Some of that is from exercise.  I've already started exercising at least once a day, in hopes of keeping the gestational diabetes as bay.  Unfortunately, it isn't working according to plan, as I just failed my early 1-hour glucose screen on Thursday (I'm only 14 weeks along).  Sigh.  So now I need to find a morning where I can spare 3 hours, plus driving time, to take the 3 hour test.  Failing it was not a complete shock or anything, but still, there's nothing like "failing" to really depress someone who is not used to failing any tests at all!  I think my body can deal with a reasonable diet with plenty of exercise, but it really can not deal with that modified hummingbird nectar that is the nasty orange glucola.  When I think of how many liters of that stuff I've drunk over the course of 10 pregnancies . . . blech!!

Some of the fatigue is just from a busy schedule.  Wow, do things just get busier with kids in high school!  And since I also wear the "guidance counselor" hat, I am constantly feeling like there are things I should be doing, as Nathan ends his junior year.  Some of that involves college visits.  We're trying to set some up for our spring break, but it's really not my thing, and I don't know what is worth it or not.  Let's just say no one around here is particularly happy that their spring break is going to be spent visiting colleges!

Each week has a lot going on.  Mondays Anna and Grace have gymnastics in the afternoon.  Tuesdays we have 2 co-ops, plus Nathan's rugby practice from 3-5, and then Civil Air Patrol for Nathan, Luke, and Caleb at night (and we are eternally grateful for my friend Lynnea, with whom we carpool!).  Wednesdays Caleb, Jonathan, Anna, and Grace just started a homeschool swimming class.  Also Nathan, Luke, and I have been tutoring at a local elementary school in the afternoon.  This has been so rewarding and fun, and we have really enjoyed working with the kids and building relationships.  In fact, last Saturday and today, Nathan and Luke helped with a pinewood derby held there at the school for the kids.  Thursdays are light, as the only regular thing is Nathan's rugby practice Thursday afternoon, which means that often doctor/orthodontist/etc. appointments are scheduled for this day.  Fridays I meet with Kimberly for our Bible study, usually in the afternoon, and then we have our OCF study in the evening.  Saturdays always have some CAP or rugby thing going on, as well as other random things, and Sunday is church, flag football for those refereeing it, and teen Community Bible study for Nathan and Luke.  In between all this is laundry, school, grading, chemistry prep and so on.

Which is not to say that everyone else in the world isn't busy too, because I know everyone is!  But for some reason what we have going on now is just really fatiguing for me personally, and I find myself constantly falling more and more behind with laundry, housework, and so on.  I'm just so tired!  The discouraging thing is that right now, we could afford to have someone come in once a month and help clean--but I can't get the house decluttered enough to have someone come!  Ack!  Which is why the thought of spending the week of spring break touring colleges, instead of getting caught up on the piles of laundry and paper clutter is not appealing, LOL.

And the thing is--this (school) year is really a "light" year for me.  I am only teaching chemistry and memory work.  I'm only pregnant.  Next year I'll be back to teaching 2 big classes (anatomy and physiology for the high schoolers, and life science for the junior highers), as well as the Latin I class I taught Nathan and Luke a few years ago now I'll be teaching to Caleb, Jonathan, Daniel McC, and at least one more person, and I'll still be teaching memory work.  So that will be busy!  At least Faith should be reading fairly fluently by then.  But I'll also be dealing with a newborn, and nursing, and all that fun stuff.  I don't see me getting ahead in any areas next year, LOL.  Maybe I'll have a really productive summer?  Haha!  I crack myself up!  

So right now I would say that I am really having to depend on the Lord and his strength to get through each day.  It is so silly to think that God doesn't give us more than we can handle--of course he does, or else we would think we were getting by on our own strength!

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