Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cow Eyes and Vans

Today was an interesting day.  I was over at the elementary co-op all morning, being the "aide".  I led game time, lunch, character time, and prayer request time for the 5th and 6th graders--and I dissected cow eye balls.  That was originally supposed to happen during the anatomy unit on January, but 2 weeks of that unit were cancelled due to snow, so the lady who had planned on doing the dissection hadn't been able to.  Although it turned out she was really very, very squeamish and didn't really think she could do the dissection in the first place!  She asked me if I'd be willing to do it during my aiding time, and of course I was more than willing.

The dissections were really well and were really fun.  I've done a ton of eye dissections, so I'm very familiar with them.  Not to brag, but I'm actually pretty good at leading dissections!  The kids started out thinking it as gross, but by the end they were all really enthusiastic and thought it was all really interesting . . . except one 5th grade girl.  She came into the class with a snotty attitude, telling me her mom had said she didn't have to do the dissection.  I told her no one was really "doing" the dissection except me, since there was only one eyeball per class, so she could just stand back and watch.  Then she told me well, she didn't have to watch either.  Fine, whatever, just sit at a table on the other side of the room and listen.  It's interesting.  That's what she did, and I didn't think anything of it.  Her classmates kept telling her to look at things because they were all so enthralled, but she resolutely faced away from us and wouldn't even turn around.  

She drew a picture while she was sitting there, and she left it there on the table for me.  It was a picture of a cow, with all these little thought balloons around it, saying things like, "I want to keep my eyes, thank you very much", and "Why would anyone want to give up their eyes?"  I was rather irritated because she definitely left the impression that I was going around plucking eyes out of innocent cows, leaving them to wander blindly around the fields.  Instead, I would think eyes would be the possibly most agreeable thing to dissect.  No one is raising cows for their eyes alone, LOL.  Those cows aren't wandering around blindly--they've been turned into hamburger!  If we didn't dissect the eyes, they would just be thrown away.  So after feeling so happy that everyone really learned a lot and were so enthusiastic, her attitude really dampened my mood.  

Then the day sort of went downhill from there.  I got the news that Micah had some trouble with the little tiny potty in the nursery, and somehow he dripped all over his pants when he was peeing.  It didn't even occur to me to pack extra clothes for Micah (although I did for Verity, since she blows out fairly regularly still), so they had to scramble.  They found some small pants, so they put Drew's 3T sweatpants on Micah, and put this camo pair of 18 mo. pants on Drew.  Micah went commando, since I didn't even have extra underwear for him (lesson for next week for sure, LOL).  

We made it out to the big van along with Joel and Elena McC, and . . . . the van wouldn't start.  Verity was crying since she was fried, Micah was wanting his underwear, Drew was fussing about something . . . it was very loud.  We tried jump-starting it, but nothing worked.  Nathan and Isaac had to come rescue us driving both our Sienna and the McC's Sienna, since we didn't all fit in one minivan.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love having the older boys be able to drive?  My feeling of relief when they drove in the parking lot was so huge--the cavalry is here!   

We made it back home an hour late.  Continuing our tradition of having random stressful things happen on days when people visit, we had not one but 2 visitors today!  One was a family considering joining us next year, and the other was one of the writers of Tapestry of Grace, who was sitting in on our dialectic lit class.  Oh well, no need to pretend we have everything together, LOL.  

Bob went back over to the church and rescued the big van.  Somehow the wheels were turned too hard (even though I pulled through the parking space??), and so it was locked or something.  Nothing to do with the battery at all, which was a big relief.  Now I am putting off finishing my prep for my Latin class tomorrow.  I don't want to use my brain any more today--I'm so tired!

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