Saturday, February 21, 2015

Special Visitor!

This past week had its share of bad times (Luke's needle incident, frozen pipes), but it also had some wonderful times!  Amy came to visit!!  It was a late birthday present.  It was going to be a surprise, but she and Bob couldn't figure out how to get her from the airport to our house on Tuesday, so last Wednesday night, she called to tell me she was coming.  And *that* was a big wonderful surprise!  It also explained some minor things, like the end of a conversation Bob had with my mom, where he was laughing and saying something like, "Well, we got that settled in the nick of time" or something.  This was still before my birthday, so I assumed some package was coming, although when nothing came, I never thought again about it because my life is not such that I can just sit around and ponder things, LOL.  Also, Bob had been asking some weirdly detailed questions about my Tuesday teaching schedule for Rivendell.  As it turned out, Amy was scheduled to land during my free period after lunch!

Then weather happened.  It wasn't all that bad here, but the government shut down, so Bob didn't go into work on Tuesday.  Amy's connecting flight from Charlotte ended up getting canceled before she even took off from Ohio, so in one of those rare times where things work in your favor, she snagged the last seat on a direct flight from Dayton to D.C., getting in 2 hours earlier!  Woo-hoo!  And although I was teaching anatomy when she landed, Bob was able to run over and pick her up!  Yay!!
It was such a nice visit.  I will say we didn't really show Amy a good time or anything, though!  I taught Latin on Wednesday afternoon (and Amy watched Frozen with the girls, which made them VERY happy.  They couldn't believe she had *only* seen it once before!)  Thursday morning she made the trek to Bethesda with me for Verity's weight check.  Verity is up to 12.8 pounds, so that's  gain of over a pound, which made the doctors happy.  I still have to go back next Thursday for another weight check to make sure she is maintaining, which did not make ME very happy.  Oh well.  Verity also got shots, which did not make HER very happy, although she seems to have forgiven everyone for the stunning betrayal.

Amy also went with me to Faith's gymnastics class Thursday afternoon.  It's only 45 minutes long, so usually I just sit over there, reading and thinking about stuff I could be getting done at home, LOL.  But this week Amy and I talked the whole time, and believe me, the time has never passed so quickly!
Amy did some waterpainting with the girls, read a ton of books to the boys, and also helped the girls make this quilt!  My mom and dad had given Anna this kit to make it, and I just have not had a big chunk of time to help them get going on it.  But Amy diligently helped the girls tie a million knots, as well as fabric-glue on a bunch of shapes, and the quilt looks so cute!  The girls are enjoying sleeping with it.
It was SO good to see Amy again and catch up!  Before the boys started high school, we used to travel back to Ohio a lot more during the year, but lately we've only been able to make one trip during the summer, and sometimes a trip back for Christmas.  That's not enough time!  Plus, it was a godsend for me personally, to have this visit.  The saying goes, "The days are long, but the years are short", and it's never felt more true.  I have felt like the weeks just bleed into each other, with no break at all.  When I'm done with Rivendell on Tuesday and Latin on Wednesday, then it should sort of feel like the weekend, because I'm done teaching.  But Wednesday night 4 people have basketball practices, taking up the whole evening, Thursdays we're back in our regular homeschool morning routine and Faith has her science/art co-op and gymnastics, plus Luke has basketball, then Friday Caleb and Jonathan have art, Caleb's math class, Faith's swimming lesson, Bible study, then the weekend has 6 basketball games, church, Luke's rocketry team meeting, teen CBS for Nathan and Luke, and I'm prepping for my classes . . . and then the week starts again.

So Amy's visit was a much-needed mental health break for me!  It was very refreshing and encouraging.  And it was lovely that she didn't expect to go sight-seeing every day or actually go out anywhere or do exciting things, LOL.  We just did our usual (busy) routine and hung out together, so that was so relaxing.
Here's one last picture from before I took Amy to the airport on Friday.  The space pajamas that Micah is wearing were a gift from Aunt Amy many years ago, when Nathan and Luke were the ages of Micah and Drew.  They've held up quite well, I would say!  We have a second pair downstairs in a tub, but Drew's too big for them this winter.  So many memories from so many years!  I am SO blessed to have such a wonderful faithful friend for so many years!  Thanks again for the visit, Amy--it was such a blessing!

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