Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Big Birthday Weekend!

Grace turned 8 on Friday, and we celebrated at Bible study!  She requested Air Force dessert and Andes Mint cookies, both of which were very well received.

Then on Saturday, after an afternoon of rugby, special visitors came--Bob's sister Rose and her 2 daughters Maddie and Amanda!  It was so fun for them to visit!  The main reason they came was to celebrate Bob's birthday on Saturday, which was a "milestone" one, for sure.
We ate Grace's (and Bob's!) birthday dinner of sausage roll, cabbage salad, roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, and fruit.  They brought yummy chocolate cupcakes, which we devoured outside by a fire in the firepit.  We were thankful the weather was so nice all weekend!
Grace also opened her presents Saturday night.  She got a book, some "Frozen" socks, some modeling clay, some candy (including some chocolates from Rose and the girls!), a card game, and a kit to make and decorate a garden stone.
Verity was happy to see more people to love on her!
Sunday was another beautiful day!  Rose took the girls and Micah on an early morning walk around the neighborhood (where they saw a DEAD SQUIRREL!!  There was much excitement!).  I made pancakes while they were gone, and after eating people played Grace's new Apples to Apples Pictures game. This game is great for younger kids.  "It" reads a word, and then the other players pick one of their cards that has a picture they think best demonstrates the word on the original card.  "It" picks which card she thinks fits best, and the person who put that card in wins the round.  We like the original Apples to Apples, but often younger kids don't understand the words on the cards to pick one, so with just pictures, anyone can play!

They also played a rousing game of Wits and Wagers before we ate corn dogs for lunch.  Grace had requested those for lunch on her birthday, and I bought a box at Sams months ago--and then we both totally forgot about it.  So that was a fun lunch!  Then everyone went outside again.  The trampoline got a lot of use, as the girls were very anxious to show their cool older cousins every single trick they could think of, LOL.

We were all sad when it was time for them to drive back to PA, and we're hoping to be able to visit their house on the lake up in PA this summer.
Sunday afternoon Grace put together her stepping stone.  It's a butterfly, can you tell?  It's really pretty!  I was happy to find these kits.  I wanted to get another present for Grace, so I just stopped by Michaels on Friday on my way to another store.  These were on a display right in the front, 40% off!  I grabbed it, hopped in line, and was done.  My kind of shopping!

So we had a fun weekend of celebrating, with special company!  Now it's back to our regular routine--but only for 2 more weeks!  Woo-hoo!  Summer vacation is almost here!

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