Thursday, May 21, 2015

Limping to the Finish

Wow, May is almost over?  We're pretty much "done" for the school year, but there's no sense of "Whee!  Time to relax!" that there was when the kids were all younger.  I still have some grading to finish, and there's always prep for next year hanging over my head.  Jonathan and the girls have some math to finish over the summer, but that shouldn't be too bad.

We had our last Rivendell meeting on May 12, with our usual big ice cream party to celebrate.  I know I was so glad to be done!  With Verity's birth at the beginning of the school year, plus all her weight issues, Nathan's college stuff, Bob's job situation, and more, this has just been a stressful, tiring year.  It's too bad, though, because the anatomy class I taught was my favorite high school class to teach!  I liked the book we used (Valerie Scanlon's Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology), and the labs were fun too.  By the end, the boys were really seeing how the whole body works together, the various systems supporting each other.  Such a useful class!  It's back to AP biology next year, and I'm dreading it a bit, actually.  I need to rework a lot of things, including the labs, and I know it will take a ton more time and brain power each week to prepare.  One of these days, it will all be easy!  (Well, I can hope, LOL.)

Micah has ramped his temper tantrums back up these past few weeks as well, adding some extra stress to finishing.   One memorable one occurred on the morning that our friend from church was taking family pictures of us!  Mich was cold (and had to pee, as it turned out), and he had a huge screaming fit, frustrating me to no end.  He eventually settled down and she got some great pictures, but it really threw me off, so I totally forgot that I had wanted to get a picture of the kids lined up, for example.  As Luke pointed out, however, this *is* how life with Micah is.  I guess we'll never forget that, for sure.  And he had been doing so much better!

Nathan and Luke took 3 AP exams this year, with 2 of them being on the same day, last Thursday.  They got home from that marathon day at the local high school and rushed straight off to rugby practice.  They both woke up in the wee hours of the morning, vomiting and having lots of intestinal distress.  Maybe they picked a bug up from the school?  Who knows?

The unfortunate thing is that we were planning on driving to White Sulphur Springs that day for a retreat with our OCF Bible study.  We waited around until things seemed to be under control, so we left around 2:00.  We stopped at McDonalds when we were about 30 minutes away--and Drew threw up all over the floor as he took his first bite of cheeseburger.  Ack!  My lightning-fast reflexes miraculously prevented his clothes from getting too messed up, but still . . . no one was very hungry after that, LOL.  We got there, the kids ran around a bit, and I decided to give him and Micah a quick bath.  While I was starting the water, Micah threw up, but we did manage to get most of that in the trash can.  So that wasn't looking good.  We got through the next day, and it was really fun and refreshing.  But both Micah and Drew threw up again during the night on Saturday, which was weird.  I felt queasy, dealing with them, and at 6:00 AM I was down.  I just stayed in bed until I could finally eat a saltine cracker around noon.  I showered, and we somehow managed to get packed up and drive home, although we left Drew's beloved blue and white checked blanket there.

But we couldn't rest and recover because the next 3 days were standardized testing for our big co-op, and I'm in charge of that.  Plus, we had the minimum of qualified testers, so it wasn't like I just could not show up.  I was able to make it, without eating too much.  Caleb felt queasy the whole 3 days, but he never did throw up or anything. Faith got sick Tuesday morning.  Anna made it until Tuesday afternoon, and she threw up as soon as we got home.  Bob was feeling bad at that point too.  Grace started Tuesday night, and it definitely took her longer to bounce back.  Everyone else felt better after 8-12 hours, but she didn't really start feeling better until after lunch today.  That leaves Jonathan and Verity . . . we are praying this virus has run its course!

We've got things coming up:  Nathan's graduation party, a trip to TX, lots of trip back and forth to WSS for Camp Caleb and boys support staff, a trip to Ohio for grandma/grandpa camp, getting Nathan off to college.  During the school year I always think, "Oh, I'll do _______ in the summer!"  But in reality, it never seems to happen that I clean out the storage room, organize things, go through closets, etc., so each year, we fall farther and farther behind in household organization.  Well, at the very least, I'm not pregnant this summer.  Maybe that will help.  We'll see . . .

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