Saturday, August 15, 2015


 I thought this Zits strip from our daily calendar several weeks ago was perfect to commemorate Nathan's first day at college!  He was such a cute little cowboy, in the outfit our neighbors Pam and Bill got him on his 3rd birthday.  Awwww . . .
 Bob and Nathan left last night to drive down.  They left at 7:00 PM from the L's house, because we were actually having a potluck to say goodbye to our very dear friends, Tim and Amy P., and their girls Sarah and Rachel.  Tim and Amy were in our wedding, so we go way, way back with them, and they are like family to us. It was a night of sad goodbyes all around--although we had tons of fun at the potluck, and we didn't leave until almost 10:00!
 We were so thankful that Isaac McC got home from his 6 weeks in China yesterday afternoon, so Nathan could see him one more time before leaving.  Perfect timing!
People have asked how I'm doing, and the answer is fine, right now.  I think it would have been much harder for me if I had actually been the one dropping Nathan off.  Instead, I'm here at home, dealing with messes and bickering, so not much really has changed.  In fact, Nathan has already been gone 5 weeks this summer, so we are used to not having him around, which is sad because it *doesn't* seem so weird.  I think it was hardest for me last summer when we were in Boston without him.  That was really the first time I felt like we were "making memories" without him.  Plus, I was pregnant, so I already had tons of excess hormones floating around, LOL.  But getting over that hurdle was big to me.  This summer has been easier.  We get to see him next weekend, and then it will be awhile before we see him, so I am looking forward to next weekend.  I'm confidant he'll do fine.  Hopefully his time at PJOC and other things like that have prepared him, and he's in really good shape, which is a big thing.  We'll see what he says next weekend!  Then classes will start the next Monday.  The important thing is that Nathan was really ready to go, so now we'll just pray everything goes well, and he grows in his walk with the Lord through it all!

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