Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Stay-cation is Over

Monday night our street still looked like this:
Everyone had lots more fun sledding and cross-country skiing.  More hot chocolate was consumed, as well as lemon bars that Anna made.  We had cinnamon rolls Saturday morning AND Monday morning, thanks to our frozen food co-op.  I bought 60 frozen ones (in sheets of 12) that you just thaw for 24 hours and bake.  Perfect!

I also taught my usual Latin class on Monday, but that didn't lend itself to pictures.  We're using "zoom" this year ( instead of skype, but it's the same idea, just with a few more bells and whistles.  It was nice to have that option so we didn't have to cancel class--only 5 more meetings until the National Latin exam!

The inside of the house looked like a blizzard of outerwear had gone through.  Ay yi yi!  Such a mess!
In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, a small plow came through the neighborhood and plowed a small track down the streets (accompanied by a ton of beeping and scraping noises).  The government was still closed, which was good since there was no way Bob was getting to work early in the morning!  The project for the day was shoveling out the cars.
Success!    I *think* the mailman can even get in.  We'll see when delivery starts back up again.  Haha about that whole "Neither rain nor snow" will stop the mail from getting through thing.
We had some fun with Bruno Tuesday too.  We made a circular path on the deck for him to hop around in.  He was initially pretty confused by the walls of white, but he ended up really enjoying it out there.  The kids also (gently) shoveled off the trampoline.  We didn't want the heavy melting snow to totally make the springs all saggy!
Tuesday afternoon a huge front loader came down our street.  Wow, that thing can move the snow!  Micah and Drew stood on the front porch and just watched the show for awhile.  It was very exciting for the male under-5 crowd.  After he got done, we were definitely no longer snowed in.  And now we have a huge pile of snow at the end of our street!  I wonder how long it will stay.
And now we're hoping for at least one more good snow . . . because we now have snowshoes!  They were delivered today.  I've wanted a pair since we lived in Colorado, but we never got around to getting any.  We'd think about it when it would snow, but then we never ordered because, well, the snow was over, and who knew when we'd get more.  But now we're ready!  We got 2 adjustable pairs, so there are lots of combinations of who could go out with them.  Luke and I tried them out in the still-deep snow of our back yard.  They were so fun!  We definitely needed them this weekend.  But now we're ready for next time--probably guaranteeing we won't get any more snow at least this year, LOL.

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