Thursday, January 07, 2016

Verity's 15 Month Well-Baby Appointment

I tried to get a picture of her, but clearly she had some building to take care of, and she did not have time to play around with looking at the camera.  She's pretty serious about her Duplo projects.  

Verity had her well-baby appointment yesterday.  I took her in the end of August, when she was 11 months, and I told the doctor we wouldn't be back until after Christmas because of my schedule, as well as Luke's (who needed the minivan for his classes, and there is *no way* I am driving the big van to the Bethesda parking garage unless there is potential death involved . . . but I digress . . .).  They still wouldn't consider it a "12 month well-baby" appointment, so I continued to get calls about scheduling that darn 12 month appointment.  Ah well.  I ignored them.

I was actually glad she had an appointment scheduled yesterday.  Verity has been snotty for pretty much month now.  It turns out that a lot of that time, she was working on her 1 year molars, all 4 of which are through now, and she did have a bonafide cold while we were in Ohio, complete with raspy cough and thick yucky snot.  But even after the cold went away, her nose was still a faucet, and she has been fussier than usual.  But she's such a happy baby, so she really hasn't been that fussy.  She's been sleeping fine, playing happily, etc., so I wasn't concerned enough to make an appointment just for that.

She did turn out to have an ear infection in one ear though.  The intern (?  whoever I saw first, who has to check in with the higher doctor for everything) didn't think it was, but the actual doc decided it was red as well as dull, so she should have some antibiotics.  Verity hasn't had any antibiotics yet, so I'm not worried about her having too much of them or whatever.  I'm sure the infection would have gone away on its own, but a course of antibiotics will make it go away faster.  

The big news is that she has plumped up to 23 pounds, which is the 49th percentile!  This is an increase from 11 months, where she was at the 20th percentile.  She likes that table food, I'm telling you!  So I guess we can safely say she does NOT have a metabolic disorder.  Ha!  Not that I'm bitter or anything.  

She doesn't say many words (although all day today Anna has been pointing ones out to me, so I guess she does say more than I was thinking she did).  She babbles a lot, and clearly SHE thinks she is saying whole paragraphs.  I'm not concerned because all of my kids have not said much until around 2, at which point they just start talking in sentences.  We're not an early verbal family, although we are very physically coordinated and advanced.  But the doctor said I should make sure to come in at 18 months so they can keep up with that.  Well, we'll see how that fits in my schedule, LOL.  In the meantime, I'll just keep on like I usually do. 

Verity's other big news is that she has finally made the switch out of the pack-n-play in Bob and my walk-in closet, and into the crib in Micah and Drew's room!  We figured after we got home from Ohio was as good a time as any, since she had been sleeping in  different place for a week. She cried for awhile the first night, but she's been okay since then.  She enjoys waking up and seeing the boys.  Micah wakes up when she starts talking, but Drew sleeps like a rock, LOL.  

After the appointment, Verity had to go get her shots.  She was not a fan, but I think she has forgiven me now.  The immunization clinic was super slow, so the whole appointment took several hours.  I scheduled the actual appointment at 1:45, which is a crazy time for a 15 month old, who would normally be napping!  I wanted to get school done with the younger kids, though, and that was all I was thinking about when I made the appointment.  Fortunately the kids peeled all the potatoes so they were ready to go when I got home to make sausage and potato soup.  I love having older kids!

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