Monday, May 02, 2016

Happy Birthdays, Bob and Grace!

Grace turned 9 yesterday, and Bob celebrated his birthday today!
We started the celebration on Friday by bringing dessert to Bible study.  Grace picked a huge pan of cookie dough brownies, and we also made a fruit pizza (I guess that was for Bob, lol).  Let me tell you--it was really hard to stay on this crazy diet with all these treats around, and all the celebrating going on!  Grrr . . .I should have started in July, when we don't have any birthdays for awhile!  But I resisted temptation.
Grace had a special lunch of corn dogs Sunday after church, and then she opened presents in the afternoon.  She was thrilled to get a medieval American Girl dress for her doll and some darling earrings from Grandma and Grandpa, as well as a "decorate your own" jewelry box, a camping set for the dolls (from Walmart though--much less money!), and a bunch of the chewiest candy I could find to celebrate her getting her braces off!  She ate the turtles right away and thought they were delicious!

The girls painted and decorated the jewelry box this morning  We got no school done, unless you count "art", because after the box was painted, everyone just wanted to keep on painting on paper.  Micah and Drew were less than helpful with the actual box, but they had tons of fun painting interesting scenes on paper.  I'm just glad they're both past the "smear all the paints around until they're one big blackish blob and the paper tears" phase.  Anna was very proud of the "ROYGBIV" rainbow she painted, although technically she reversed the colors, putting red on the bottom, and violet on top.  I didn't tell her, though!  She forgot my carefully-planned lesson from co-op this year, lol.  I'll have to revisit that concept later . . .

Bob took off work today, which was another big reason school never happened.  We didn't really do anything super-special, since he also was unlucky enough to have his birthday on a Monday, like Anna, which of course is the day before Rivendell.  But he got to sleep in and spend time with us, so that was nice.  He and I did got on a quick date through a torrential downpour to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where we bought a new "Red Copper" skillet.  Bob's brother-in-law is really happy with his, so we're hoping for similar results here.  Oh, and we got Bob a Fitbit of his own!  I figured I liked my own so much, and now he can keep track of all his steps too!  Now his big hike into and out of the Pentagon each day can count, right?!

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