Thursday, December 01, 2016

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Well, technically he turned 4 yesterday, but we're celebrating all week!  Here is his birth story, for anyone curious.  He was my only baby where I had a uterine infection afterward and had to go back into the hospital 10 days later.  Always something new, even for baby #9!
 On Tuesday, the day before his birthday, Caleb and Jonathan's lit class watched the first half of the BBC "Pride and Prejudice" miniseries, since they had read the book for their class.  We had pizza afterward, before people rushed off to gymnastics, CAP, etc., and I made some mint frosted brownies.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Drew, which he thought was fun.  Verity is now really into the song, and she'll even sing a few bars for you if prompted.  The words are hard to decipher, but the tune is definitely there!

Wednesday was just a busy day all around, and we told Drew that we were going to be celebrating his birthday today instead.  He was not at all sure about that plan, but we (the ones of us who were home last night) did have ice cream after dinner, so he was pretty mollified by that.
  So tonight we had Drew's big birthday dinner.  He selected "corn dogs", straight from Sams.  I slaved long and hard to prepare this feast, and everyone enjoyed it, especially the birthday boy.
 Next we opened presents.  Drew has been looking forward to presents for a very long time, and this was the part he was most worried about missing out on yesterday.  But Bob wasn't around in the evening at all, and he wanted to see the presents too, so we waited, and Drew was very patient.
 He got some nice gifts, but he was most excited about this Batman cape and mask that Bob and I had happened on during an evening date to Walmart around Halloween.  He was happy to wear his Batman pajamas tonight to complete the look, and he pitched a little fit about taking off the cape and mask for bed.  Tomorrow can't come early enough for him!
 For his cake, he had specifically requested "a Christmas tree with presents" for some random reason, and the girls, including Elena who was over to play this afternoon, were happy to oblige him.  They had a ball decorating (and eating frosting . . . lots of frosting . . . lol).
Drew was happy with it, and it tasted good--we only have a smallish rectangle left over.  If Nathan had been here, we probably could have finished it!

Speaking of Nathan, last year we celebrated Drew's birthday early, on Saturday night before Nathan went back to college.  I think that is a better plan, and hopefully I'll remember that next year.  The week after Thanksgiving break is a really busy time, as it turns out, and this year there were no evenings where everyone was at home!

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