Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another New Experience

I thought that I was overdoing it this past weekend.  After feeling good the first part of the week, by Friday I had started taking 800 mg motin pretty much around the clock.  If I didn't, then I felt like I was running a fever--I had a headache, chills, was achy, my eyes hurt, etc.  But if I kept on top of the motrin, then I felt fine.  About an hour after taking a pill, I would feel like a big fever was breaking.  My headache would be gone, I would break out in a big sweat, everything seemed all clear, not foggy.  I felt fine!  So I went on with life, like church, a neighborhood Christmas party, Christmas baking, Rivendell on Monday, a Christmas musical performance for the elementary co-op on Tuesday. 

My temperature was never more than about 99.1 on my thermometer, though, so I didn't think too much of it.  But I did start having what can only be called a "foul-smelling discharge", which is a phrase straight from the paperwork they sent me home from the hospital with!  So that was an odd thing.  I kept expecting that to lessen, but instead it just stayed the same.  My bleeding had stopped, but now I had this nasty stuff instead, which made me think "uterine infection", probably due to all those manual extractions after Drew's birth.

I made an "acute OB appointment" for this afternoon at Bethesda.  The doctors agreed that it was a uterine infection, so right now I am home gathering stuff together, as well as getting the baby, and then we will go back to Bethesda to be admitted for 2 days of IV antibiotics.  At least Drew can stay with me, although I am sure this is going to be many steps back for his schedule!  He has been doing pretty well with getting himself off to sleep on his own, but I won't really be letting him do much crying there on the ward!  And he won't be able to sleep on his tummy, so he'll not sleep as well either.  Oh well.  Hopefully the infection will respond quickly to the antibiotics and not require anything else, like a d&c.  At least we're on Christmas break right now, and my parents are here to help!!

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