Sunday, February 11, 2007

Connections to the Famous

Hey, I share a birthday with a famous writer! There I was, reading the "Family" section of the Washington Times this afternoon, when I started reading this article about Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Fay. When I finished, I glanced at the byline on the bottom, and it was by Brian Orme, who is the husband of Jenna! We all went to high school together at good old Dayton Christian, and then on to Cedarville for college. He's a pastor now, as well as a writer of newspaper columns. I wasn't expecting to see a familiar name in the paper today! Too cool!


Jenna said...

Claire... that was so nice of you to post that. Brian never knows where some of his columns go. He writes for the Dayton Daily News and they say it could get sent out to other papers, but we never know if and where. It was neat to find that it was in DC ~ we would've never know otherwise!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blogs very much.

It will be easy to keep your birthday in mind because it is the same day as my sister's.

Thank you for all of your encouraging words to Melinda. We hope you are able to make your trip to Ohio. Wanting to see our granddaughter, Emily, we can understand how your parents will do anything to see your children.

Barbara Highley

Matt Brown said...

You went to Dayton Christian AND Cedarville? Who are you??? I graduated from DCHS in 1989, Cedarville in 1993.

Bob & Claire said...

Matt, I remember you, but I was 2 years behind you. I graduated from DC in 1991 (I was a Grazier back then!)