Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Feet

Yesterday I had a new experience--a pedicure! One of the couples in Mom and Dad's OCF Bible study is PCSing next week, and as a going-away party for Christa, some of the ladies got together and had pedicures. Mom and I were invited, but I really dithered around about going. I've never had one before, and it just seemed like such an extravagent waste of money, especially in the winter when no one even sees my toes! Finally I decided to go figuring that as a pregnant woman, my feet deserve a wee bit of pampering.

Wow! I was so glad I went! I had so much fun. Four of us sat in puffy massage chairs--that made it worth it right there for me! A 45 minute back massage, and not just the cheapo "vibrating" massage! The chairs had basins of hot water at the base that we soaked out feet in, with little foot stools to put our feet while they were worked on. To be honest, I didn't even really pay much attention to what was actually done to my feet, since I was busy visiting with the other women. But I will say that the whole experience was incredibly relaxing, and my feet were incredibly happy when I got finished. Then we all walked next door to Starbucks, where a few other ladies were waiting who had not chosen to have pedicures, and we visited for awhile longer over coffee (well, I had hot chocolate, LOL). It was such a nice afternoon.

I don't think this will ever by any means become a regular part of my routine--I just could not justify the time and the money! But I do recommend it is as a very fun way to spend an afternoon with good friends!

You may be wondering where the kids were during this afternoon of pampering. Grandpa stepped up and watched everyone. Isn't that great?! They played Risk and Chutes and Ladders, as well as watched a video. One thing Grandpa has introduced them to this visit is John Wayne and his classic cowboy movies. You can imagine how great especially Jonathan and Caleb think this is. John Wayne is definitely Jonathan's new hero, LOL. He's galloping around the house again. Never a dull moment . . .


Chris and Johanna said...

I too resisted pedicures for years as friends invited me along. Wow was I surprised when I had my first one. Now Chris and I make it a point to have a couples "spa day" once a year. We each get to choose which things we want and then we have the massage together in the same room. It is a very relaxing way to spend the day together. I do have to say -- Chris loves facials and I hate them. Last year on our day out I had a facial last and it almost ruined the whole day. I find nothing relaxing about having someone constantly touching my face and putting rags on it.

witw said...

Pedicures are wonderful. I agree that during the winter season it is a waste of money because no one sees your feet. However, during the spring, summer, and during pregnancy pedicures are a must! Please pamper yourself once in a while. Melinda

Dy said...

I am so glad you went! I've only ever had a pedicure once, and it wasn't that pleasant, but when I was pregnant, I think I'd have wrestled a bear to the ground using only a grocery bag and a spatula to get a pedicure. Or maybe just to sit in a chair like that all. by. myself. (When was the last time you remember sitting in a chair by yourself? *grin*)

Good for you for going and enjoying the fellowship and the pampering!