Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here in Ohio

Obviously we have been having too much fun to blog! It was quite an adventure making it here, although more for my parents than us. They did get stuck in the Charlotte airport over night on Tuesday, Feb. 13, reliving all the times we spent the night at military terminals such as the one at Clark AB, the Philipines, when we were bumped off of Space A flights. Ahh, the memories. Some I am sure are better off not relived! So they flew into Dayton Wednesday morning, my dad dug out their car from long-term parking, my mom drove home, and my dad got on a plane to fly to VA via Atlanta. He got to Atlanta just fine, but his flight to Dulles was first delayed, then canceled. He was put on another flight, which was delayed . . . and delayed . . . and delayed. We were very seriously worried aobut him having to spend a second night at an airport in a row! but after heavy-duty praying, he left Atlanta about 8:10 and got in to Dulles at 10:00. After some more excitement, where he couldn't find his suitcase (it turned out that the equipment wasn't working right because of the cold) he was able to have a solid night's sleep at our house in an actual bed.

We left at 9:15 the next morning, and really the drive out was anti-climactic. The roads were fine, the kids were good. We listened to Ben and Me as our book on tape. We made it in time for dinner. Whew! Finally!

Friday Amy picked me up and we went on the Faircreek women's retreat. Her mom was the speaker, and she spoke on "Transformation--Becoming like Christ through worship, humility, and suffering". It was an encouraging time of renewal as well as catching up with old friends. One thing we all did was bring something which signified transformation in our lives. I brought a little scrapbook that Amy made for me detailing our friendship over the years. It starts with the awkward junior high and high school years, goes through college and our both getting married, and ends with us as mothers. If that isn't a transformation, I don't know what is, especially when I think about how having a big family and especially homeschooling were not even remotely on my radar screen as life possibilities for me back in junior high and high school! What is so neat is how Amy has been there through it all with me--everyone should have a friend like that!

While I was at the retreat, Grandma and Grandpa did the babysitting duties. Even though it was freezing cold and even snowed 4 more inches on Saturday, the boys all went outside and played for over an hour both days! Grandpa unearthed an old sled of Grandma's from the basement, which was a huge hit. They built snow forts too--I'm so glad I brought all the snow gear!

We've been busy the other days too--we went to the base chapel on Sunday to show Anna off to all Grandma and Grandpa's friends. We spent Monday at Amy's house, since Zachary and Jaconb had a holiday from school. They played in the snow there too, as well as with Zachary';s impressive Playmobil collection (TWO castles as well as a pirate ship!) and Jacob's Thomas the Train table. Fun was definitely had by all, LOL. Tuesday was Ladies' Bible study at Faircreek. They are going through Beth Moore's Daniel study, and the video we watched on Tuesday was so excellent. It makes me want to do the whole study!

So there is a long update for all of you who are dying to know what we are filling our time with here in Ohio! I know, fascinating stuff! It's been such a nice vacation for me so far, not having to do any cooking! The only fly in the ointment is that Jonathan has mysteriously started waking up at least once, if not 2 or 3 times a night. He just starts crying loudly all of a sudden, waking me out of a deep sleep. I have to scramble to put on my sweats and run down to the basement so he doesn't wake up the other boys, and then take him potty or deal with whatever his issue is (sometimes he can't tell me anything that is wrong). In the morning, he doesn't remember waking up at all. Let me tell you, I've had enough of that! Very frustrating, and hopefully a short phase. I need more sleep, not less, especially on vacation!


Pilot Mom said...

Finally! A post! :) I knew you are having so much fun but had hoped you would find a spare few minutes to share.

What a treasure is friendship. Yours and Amy's is a special gift from Him.

Anonymous said...

There in Ohio (Hint: Bob's Writing)

Well, it has surely been quite in Virginia with everyone else gone! Claire's right, I'm over-scheduled! Church Sun night, BSF Men's Bible Study (which I love) on Monday nights, work-sponsored Virginia Tech on Tues and Weds nights (the 1st 2 of 4 classes), then Nathan goes to B-Ball on Thurs nights, and OCF Family Bible Study on Fri nights. Nathan also has games on Sat, however, that has been a lot of fun! About 9 more weeks, then school will break, then pick up with only one class. BSF should end later in May--I think I'll take the Fall off, maybe picking up next Spring. And as I told Claire, I think I'll be taking off a day every week from work through when the baby comes (it may sound extravagant, however, I come home exhausted every night. Funny, I didn't realize how little I had been interacting with the family--and it's getting worse as the semester continues--until they left for Claire's yearly birthday trip to Ohio, and not as much changed as usually does, and as I thought would be different. Esp after the contrast of having such a nice break at the family celebration of Claire's grandmother's life we had in Colorado for almost a week.) I'm not complaining--I still think it would be nice to have the update for the Education section of the resume (and I would be expected to stay at work longer about 1/2 of each night, anyway), I'm realizing I don't want the full master's degree for the longer program, and the number one reason: going back to school has been good to understand better how others view me--it's been a real good "leadership lab" (maybe I'm just ready to look at myself better). Bob

Pilot Mom said...

Wow, Bob! What a wonderful post from you! I could get used to reading your thoughts. But, with the schedule you are carrying, I won't hold my breath for many extra "writings." ;)

Won't be long, and your sweetie will be home!---AC