Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting Ready

We're getting ready for the baby, doing all those last-minute little things. I spent Wednesday "nesting" in our closet. The baby will sleep in there for the first few weeks, until she goes mostly through the night. The closet is a pretty big walk-in one, but up until Wednesday, it was not at all ready to fit a pack-n-play, as my maternity clothes were strewn about in various piles--"too small", "winter", etc. So I bought a few big plastic tubs and spent a happy hour organizing. I love putting things in tubs! Especially things like maternity clothes, that will hopefully stay organized for a while, LOL. It's a good feeling.

Mom and Dad got here safely Wednesday night, and everyone is enjoying having an extra set of people around to read books and play with. Anna is walking around more with her little push thing, but still not taking any big steps on her own. She is definitely enjoying all the extra attention!

I had another doctor appointment today, and there is no real change in my cervix from last appointment. And since she doesn't really WANT me to go into labor, she didn't even try stripping my membranes or anything. Oh well. So I really doubt anything will happen on its own before Tuesday. A girl can hope though!

In a sad bit of irony, because of the shootings at Virginia Tech, Bob's classes (which are through VT) are pretty much done, and his finals are optional. Although that worked out nicely for us, what a sad, sad reason. It has freed up time this weekend, however, so possibly we'll get the second crib set up and some furniture moved around. We still haven't found a nice set of used bunk beds with a twin on top/full on bottom, though, so there's not that much that needs to be moved. Please pray that we'll be able to find one on craigslist! They go really quickly whenever they are posted, and so far we haven't been the lucky fast ones. It would be so nice to have for Caleb and Jonathan's room.

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Beverly said...

So glad to hear I'm not the only one with a baby sleeping in her walk-in closet! :-) Actually, I've kept Kenna in the pack-n-play in the living room at night, as I don't sleep well when I hear every squeak and grunt. But the instant she starts squirming and getting ready for her I'm-Hungry cry, I'm up like a shot! "Mommy radar," Ted calls it.

Love and prayers!