Monday, April 30, 2007

Tomorrow: The Big Day

Tomorrow I'll go in at 7:30 to be induced, baring some unforeseen occurance such as me going into labor tonight. Since I never went into labor with Jonathan (who was 2 weeks overdue and induced) or even Anna (where I was 5 cm dilated but not in labor), the chance of that happening is pretty small, and I am resigned to another induction. I don't want a huge baby (Jonathan was my biggest at 9 pounds, 6 ounces), and I am certainly ready to not be pregnant anymore. I just hate having to come in early and then being tied to a bed on a monitor. Blech. Here are some specific ways you can pray for me tomorrow:

1. That the induction would go quickly. I think it will, since it's not like my body doesn't know what to do with contractions at this point, and the other induction wasn't too long. But I would appreciate prayers.

2. That the baby wouldn't pass meconium before birth. I've had 2 babies do this--Luke and Anna. With Luke, they didn't break my water until I was ready to push, and so there was no time to do anything about it. He aspirated some during the delivery and had to spend a few extra days in the hospital and go home on oxygen for 6 weeks. It was a stressful time. With Anna, they broke my water much earlier, and they did an amnio wash, which must have helped because she had no problems. I told my doctor that I wanted my water broken sooner rather than later this time too, just in case there were issues, but I am praying there won't be any.

3. That I wouldn't hemorrhage after the birth. Now this is something I would never have even thought about, except for my doctor's odd obssession with it, but it certainly is not something I want to have happen. My hope is that she will see the Lord protect those to whom he has given a lot of children, and that it will be a testimony to her and maybe she won't be such a worrywart the next time someone who is pregnant with more than her third child comes to her practice.

And while you are praying, please also lift up my Uncle Jim. He is going to have neck surgery on May 2 because there was a cancerous tumor found in a lymph node in his neck. The surgeon is going to take out pretty much everything in the neck except the functioning components of the mouth and neck, and the nerve that runs down to the shoulder. Please pray that the surgeon will get ALL the cancer (the original source is unidentified), and also that Uncle Jim will heal quickly. He and Aunt Claire are supposed to fly here on May 17, and we really, really, really want them to be able to make the trip. On Memorial Day Weekend, we are supposed to have a little family reunion here with them as well as my brother and his wife and baby from Texas and possibly (we're praying it works) my cousin and his girlfriend from North Carolina. Here is my aunt's blog, where I know she will keep everyone updated.

Thank you for praying! We'll let you know how it all goes!


Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, Claire, for posting specific things to pray for you! It looks like we are in the Throne Room pretty much 24/7 these days so it is certainly feasible to add more prayers! :)

And thank you for getting the word out on UJ. We will take all the prayers anyone is willing to lift up on our behalf.

I'm so excited about tomorrow! Can't wait to see that precious little girl.

Chris and Johanna said...

We will definitely be praying for you tomorrow, as we will also be in the hospital. Caden's procedure is scheduled for 0630. I am so excited for you having another girl -- it gives me hope.

Dy said...

Good Morning, Mama!! It's Tuesday morning, and I'm up and praying. Sending you hugs and happy, snuggly baby thoughts, as well.