Thursday, April 19, 2007

Need YOUR Help!

For a school project, I am hoping you (and your spouse?) since I need as much data as I can (quickly) get, will answer the following couple questions. I know I'm usually the "Silent Partner" on this Blog, so please know I appreciate your thoughts.

1) Name some places (businesses, etc) where it bothers you that the floors aren't clean.

2) Briefly, why is it important that each should be cleaner?

Thanks, Bob


witw said...

1)a- restaurants are definitely what I think of first.
b- Next I would say any kind of business (daycare, toy store) that caters to children
2)a- floors not clean = food not clean (this also applies to grocery stores)
b - because kids constantly pick stuff up off the floor and put it straight in the mouth.

Smiles8045 said...

I second the grocery store, I have stopped shopping at some stores due to the dirty floors. When you purchase your food, you would like to think that it is coming from a clean place.

Chris and Johanna said...

1. Bathrooms in hotel rooms.
-- It is bad enough you sleep where untold hundreds of others have ( who knows what their hygene habits are ) and you shower and "sit" where they have, but to walk into the bathroom and rigjt off to see -- hmm -- hair and other things on the floor. Not good.
2. Government offices(they are usually the dirtiest places). Such as the DMV, tax collectors, social security office etc. . .
Any place where you may need to wait in line with your small child for an extended period of time, because they are eventually going to want down or out of whatever you are using to hold them.

witw said...

Melinda said grocery stores and hospitals, due to risk of infection.

witw said...

All this talk of dirty floors in grocery stores reminded me of this incident.