Thursday, February 16, 2012

Low-Key Week

We're taking a light week this week as far as school goes. Caleb and Jonathan didn't do any school at all on Monday--they went snowboarding with Bob! Bob had wanted to do the same deal he got when he went skiing with Nathan and Luke, but alas, the hotel was all booked up. It worked out for the best however--Caleb really wasn't feeling well Sunday. He rested all afternoon (missing his basketball game) and went to bed early, and he felt better Monday morning. Bob left with them to drive to PA about 7:30. The weather was beautiful, and they had a grand time! Jonathan did not like falling down and losing his glove, although he pointed out that only actually happened once. Caleb did not feel it was like rip-sticking at all, and he complained about his aching leg muscles for days afterwards! But Bob said they both did really well. Bob also wanted to point out the instructor was right--fall on your bum, not your front.

Everyone has been somewhat sick this week as well, it seems. Nathan was sick last week, and he has just had a hard time kicking this bug. He didn't feel well at Rivendell on Tuesday, and he had to miss CAP a second time in a row. He's finally seeming better now.

Faith was a little bit snuffly Monday, but nothing too bad. She was in the nursery at TNT on Tuesday morning while I was aiding, and she did just fine there. Christine brought her and Elena back to their house in the afternoon so the girls could nap a little, and she called me while I was still back at the church to tell me that Faith was sounding terrible! She had a bad cough and just didn't seem like herself. She was definitely running a fever that night, and Wednesday she was a sick little girl. She fell asleep on the couch by Nathan around 5:30 while I was making dinner, and I could never get her to wake up enough to eat! So finally I just got her pajamas on and put her down. She slept until 7:30 this morning, when she got up to pee. Then she went back to sleep in my bed until 9:30! She is still coughing a bit, but not as badly, and she's not running a fever anymore. Yay!

Now Jonathan is feeling sickly, as is Luke. Everyone is just sort of snuffly, coughing, and feeling puny! Well, everyone except me, thankfully. I feel fine! Micah has been snuffly and coughing as well, and he ran a little fever over the weekend. That seems to be all gone though. Anna isn't snuffly, but she slept funny last night and has a crick in her neck. She has loudly moaned and complained about that all. day. long. She took a nice long shower tonight, and I gave her some Motrin, so hopefully the kinks will get worked out. She didn't appreciate my attempts at giving her shoulder rubs! I definitely have felt like I have been surrounded by germy, whiny kids all week long!

Luke had an orthodontic appointment this morning (which is why we didn't get much done today). He had a bracket come off, but they ended up putting some kind of ring on there and giving him bands to wear. I realized that he just celebrated his one year anniversary of wearing braces in Phase II back on Feb. 14. I can't believe we didn't celebrate! Ha! I know he'll be celebrating getting them off, that's for sure (whenever that may be)! Nathan too!

So there are some not-very-highlights from our not-very-productive week!

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