Friday, February 17, 2012

New Thermometer!

Yeah . . . it's a slow news week. Once upon a time, many moons ago (14, to be exact), Nathan was a baby, and I bought a brand spanking new Braun ear thermometer. It has served faithfully, only needing 1 new battery all these years. Late last year, the battery died, and I brought it downstairs to reminder me to change the battery. But no one was sick, and I never got around to it. Then someone knocked it off the counter, and it fell apart. It probably still was fixable, but I never got around to that either, so . . . the parts are still (somewhere, buried under paper) on the counter.

But this week Faith got sick and was running what I would guess was a 101 degree fever, but I realized I could not verify that without my thermometer, because I didn't feel like fighting the rectal battle with a very grumpy sick 3 year old. So after Luke's orthodontic appointment yesterday, we stopped in at Walmart to repenish our childrens and infant motrin supply, and also to check out the new thermometer technology. We decided on a Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer, which works by you simply running the scanner from the middle of the forehead over to the ear while pressing a button.

I LOVE this thermometer! No more searching around for a clean probe cover! No more wondering if the reading was incorrect (or just getting a plain "error" message) due to massive wax buildup! (I don't like to brag, but certain members of this family are world-class ear wax producers. It's a gift.) Today Jonathan and Luke were just feeling run-down and bleh, so I took their temperatures too. They're just running slight low-grade temperatures, nothing big. I think it sounds like what Christine had earlier this week, so just another little virus running around. But taking their temperatures was so EASY with this handy-dandy new thermometer!

May it last at least 14 more years!

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