Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goodbye, Faithful Friend

This is a "Strollee" brand stroller that I bought for around $30 at a consignment store back in 2002, when we lived in Ohio.  Bob had a TDY to D.C., actually, and we all were going to go with him.  "All" of us meant Nathan, Luke, Caleb (who was not even 1), and me.  I wanted a stroller that folded up to be skinny, like an umbrella stroller (so we could easily take it on the Metro), but that had some sort of basket underneath.  This stroller fit the bill and was not very expensive.  It folded (down)in half, and then the 2 halves folded in toward each other.  It has been the most useful stroller ever.  It's been great for trips because it didn't take up too much car space, but it was a little bigger and more substantial than an umbrella stroller, and by loosening a strap on the back, you could recline the seat so a baby could be in there.

Well, all good things must come to an end . . . Back in December we stopped at Ikea on our way home from Great Wolf Lodge.  As we were leaving the bathroom on our way back out to the van, the stroller all of a sudden got all wobbly, and I realized that a metal part connecting the handle had actually broken!  The boys at Rivendell always say that Micah is a "ninja", so I assume it was his mighty ninja mind powers that broke the metal, LOL.  Anyhow, I was very glad that it happened at the end of the trip, and we tossed the stroller into the garage, where it promptly got buried in stuff and forgotten.

Until we started cleaning out the garage, that is.  I decided we are not actually running a hospice program for terminally broken strollers, so it finally made its way into the dumpster, on its way to its eternal reward for a decade of pushing our babies hither and yon.   But first I took this picture so I could give it a respectful eulogy.  If we were to have another baby, then we would definitely replace the stroller (although I have never seen another "Strollee" stroller anywhere, LOL), but right now Micah is fine in the umbrella stroller we do have.  So thank you, faithful stroller, for all the rides!

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