Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Anna!!

Anna turned 6 on Wednesday!  Bob was in Tucson this week, but that didn't stop the fun--it just prolonged it!

Wednesday morning I baked a quick rectangular cake for Anna before I took Faith to her dentist appointment (which went swimmingly--no cavities!).  The girls all had a playdate over at my friend Lynnea's house after lunch, which was special, and after I brought them home, the girls and Caleb decorated the cake all by themselves!  They had an absolute ball.  I think I hit upon a great way to take cake-decorating off my plate . . . 

Yesterday Bob got home, so Anna got to open her presents.  She got some really fun things--a new set of realistic-looking play pots and pans, some new summer clothes, a huge princess coloring book (a BIG hit, Melinda--she is really loving it!), a Color-Wonder coloring book, and one of those Barbie heads where you can style the hair.  This was actually passed on to us by Linda and her daughter Stephanie, and Anna was sooooo excited when she opened it.  "Oh!  I've ALWAYS wanted one of these!"  Throughout the day today she's kept saying things like, "I love this doll!"  I knew she would love to have something where she could do the hair!  I'm hoping to work on her braiding skills, LOL.

Tonight we're bringing cupcakes to Bible study, and tomorrow night Bob is going to grill steaks for her birthday dinner (is she her grandma's granddaughter or what?!).  So really we're still in the middle of "the week of Anna".  Fun times!

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