Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kitchen Addition

Yesterday we watched the 5 McC kids all day while Craig and Christine were at IKEA, looking at kitchen stuff to replace their flood-damaged cabinets.  We had a total blast--the boys played hockey all morning, ate lunch, then went back outside before coming in to finish watching "Henry V", which Nathan and Isaac had begun watching for literature class at Rivendell on Tuesday.  The girls primarily stayed inside and played in the toy room or with duplos, with breaks to read books and watch a video.  Fun day!

When Craig and Christine got back, they brought me this magnetic bar, which I have wanted very badly for as long as I have seen the one hanging in Christine's kitchen!  She has a shorter one, but IKEA didn't have any shorter ones.  She almost didn't buy this longer one because she thought I wouldn't want a long one, but ha!  As you can see I have made use of all the space!  I LOVE this thing.  I LOVE how I got rid of my sticky, dusty knife block that took up room on my counter.  I LOVE how I can just wash the knives I use all the time, and then stick them right back up on the bar.  This is as good as getting my big pot rack!  Bob got that thing installed Friday before Bible study, and I immediately loaded it up!  Thank you, Christine!  I would have been happy to watch your kids even without this great gift!!

(Luke came in and read this over my shoulder, and he was astounded that the knife rack was the main focus of this post, as opposed to the awesome day that was had . . . ) 

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