Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm on break!  I'm on break!  Oh, happy day!   On Tuesday I taught my last biology, life science, and memory work classes until Jan. 8!  And today we had our last lab period!!

For biology I am giving the boys a bunch of assignments over this long break, since I don't want them to forget all their hard-earned knowledge.  They have some practice AP essay questions, some practice genetics and Hardy-Weinburg problems, 2 virtual labs to do on the computer, a mid-term exam, and several chapters to read in their biology book.  We are through the hardest sections, I think, so the challenge when we return will be to keep all the biochemistry/molecular biology stuff fresh in their minds with lots of review.  I do need to work on the syllabus for the remainder of the school year--that is the last thing hanging over my head.  There are a ton of chapters in the book that are not emphasized any more (the "march through the phyla" chapters), and I need to spend some more time figuring out what in there is important, and what can be safely skipped over. 

It is just such a nice feeling to be done, even if it is temporarily.  Like I can take a breath and look around! 

Now, the rest of Rivendell is not done.  We're off next week for Thanksgiving, but then there will be 3 more weeks of classes before Christmas.  The day will be shorter without the science and memory work classes, however, so that will be nice.  The elementary co-op is doing a fine arts unit those 3 weeks, which will culminate in a little Christmas musical on Dec. 11.  The kids have already been working on the songs and lines, so we have been faithfully listening to the CD each and every day.  Rivendell is going to meet on Monday that week so that the older boys can watch their younger siblings perform on Tuesday.  And then we'll all be off for Christmas! 

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