Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, we had a really nice Thanksgiving weekend.  The only thing lacking was a new baby.  We went over to the L's house for Thanksgiving dinner, along with a bunch of other people.  It was tons of fun, and the food was delicious!  Since it was a potluck, we only had to bring mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cran-apple-pear sauce, and sweet chex mix.  And my mom and I had spent Tuesday doing the cooking, so all we had to do Thursday morning was heat the mashed potatoes (we used the Pioneer Woman's make-ahead mashed potato recipe--with 15 pounds of potatoes, LOL), and put the sweet potato casserole together and heat it up.  Easy!

Thanksgiving Day had absolutely beautiful weather, so as soon as we were finished eating, Bob and I went on a long walk with Zachary L. and his new wife Karynn (we went to their wedding in St. Louis in August--where Micah did his famous microwave trick).  It was nice to walk in such beautiful weather, with such fun company, and in a different neighborhood than our own!  I am so sick of walking around our neighborhood at this point!  I must have taken hundreds of walks this pregnancy alone, LOL.  A change of scenery was VERY welcome!  And walking meant that my numbers were great, even after a meal with lots of carbs!  I ate a lot of turkey, and a spoonful of other things, LOL.

Of course, since we didn't make the turkey, we didn't have any turkey left-overs, although we did have some mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a little bit of sweet potatoes left.  So Friday Mom and I made a turkey of our own, and we recreated Thanksgiving dinner again!  Yum!  I made a turkey pot pie with the dark meat Saturday, and we've been eating the white meat for sandwiches.  It was only a 17 pound turkey, so we didn't have tons of leftover meat!

Friday morning we also got an email from Nathan's football coach that he was nominating Nathan as the county youth football player of the year.  This was exciting, but he also needed some more information, like Nathan's gpa, and a list of volunteer and extra-curricular activities, by Saturday or Sunday.  I thought I had been really organized the end of last year with his grades, but when I looked back at that folder on the computer, it turns out there were a few gaping holes, both for last year and even for the first quarter this year!  So I spent time Friday getting organized and also making lists of activities.  Christine said it was a good thing I wasn't at the hospital, because it would have been hard to compile everything there!  I guess so, but now I'm done, and the baby still isn't here . . .  Anyhow, we won't hear anything until February, but it was a great honor just to be nominated--and it is nice validation for a homeschooler of leadership, character, and athletic ability!

Saturday the menfolk (Bob, my dad, Nathan, and Luke) headed back over to the McC's house, where they had also been Friday, helping the McC's hang drywall after their latest flood.  My dad conducted a little workshop, with a lot of hands-on experience for everyone, LOL.  Good skills for the boys to know!

Sunday I was incredibly crabby, due to the fact that I was still quite pregnant, but with no signs of progress.  Nothing fits anymore--pants roll down and shirts ride up.  I went ahead to church, where I answered people very shortly about my lack of progress.  Next Sunday I am definitely staying home!  I am not in the mood to be social!  We did put up the Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations Sunday afternoon while Micah was napping.  The nice thing is that the boys can do most of the stuff, even bringing everything upstairs including the tree, and setting it up!  When Micah got up and saw everything for the first time, he was completely amazed, LOL.  "Oooohh . . . . woah . . . .. ooooooh" he kept saying in wonder!  So cute!  Now we are trying to keep him from touching all the ornaments.

And now--we're back to a somewhat normal routine--still with no baby and no signs of one coming soon.  The boys did school today, Nathan is getting ready to head to his Spanish III class in a few minutes, and tomorrow will be TNT and Rivendell, although I'm not teaching anything.  I have another doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, where they can tell me that still nothing is happening, grrrrrr.  It will be interesting to see what they suggest.  I imagine they will want to schedule an induction probably for next week--but my dad is actually flying back to Ohio next week for a week, so it is definitely not a good time for me to be in the hospital having a baby.  The boys have places to go, like co-ops, 4 different basketball practices on 4 different nights, Civil Air Patrol, etc., and my mom can't get everyone everyone and deal with the little ones too!  Gah--I can't believe this baby is being so uncooperative!!!   PLEASE pray that this baby will come by this weekend!


Lynnea said...

Hey Claire. Praying for you and praying that little man will want to appear before the weekend.


Aubrey Heki said...

Oh, Claire! I felt the same way about going to church close to my due date. After my due date passed, I decided I wasn't going anywhere (church or otherwise) until I had my baby! And, what do you know...she was born the following Sunday. Hope you have a baby in your arms very, very soon. Oh yes, I totally understand about clothes not fitting too...when maternity clothes stop fitting, you * know * it's time!