Monday, December 10, 2012

Over a Week Old Already!

 It's hard to believe that Drew was a week old on Friday!  As you can see, he looks like our other babies.  He's a sweetie, and I am still having to set the timer sometimes so that everyone gets their fair turn holding him.  He's definitely not lacking for love and attention!  He's going a bit longer at night, which is nice, and everyone is thrilled that he is keeping his eyes open longer.  He is taking better naps during the day as well, and he's doing much better at getting himself off to sleep.  That is due to him sleeping on his tummy--I think this is the earliest I have ever switched anyone to their tummy, but he has a strong neck, and he is just so much happier on his tummy.  When we brought him in last Monday for his weight check, the doctor actually commented on his strong neck, asking if I had been giving him "tummy time" yet!  I hadn't put him on his tummy at all at that point, except when he was up against my chest.  I don't think anyone gives their 3 day old tummy time, LOL. 
 Drew has the longest, skinniest feet and toes of any of our kids!  They definitely come from my Grandpa's side of the family! 
Drew also must be part elf, because he has this pointy "elf ear" on his right ear (you can kind of see what I'm talking about in that top picture too--it's pointy!).  The left ear doesn't have anything special.  The funny thing is that one of Faith's ears looks like a mouse nibbled away a tiny bit at the top--so Drew must have gotten that extra bit, LOL. 

Drew also has a little red birthmark on his bum, which the doctors called a hemangioma--a type of vascular tumor.  This was a little alarming, since the only other person I have known with a hemangioma was my friend Carri's daughter Mercy, who is about Anna's age.  She had a severe hemangioma on the side of her head, and we prayed for many years for her and her doctors, as they figured out the best course to treat it.  She is looking so beautiful now, though--truly amazing!  Anyhow, I guess we'll see how Drew's develops.  Right now it just looks like skin that is darker red--it's not raised or anything, and it's not very big, maybe the size of a nickel.

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