Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Settling In

We've been home for about 4 days now.  My millk is completely in, I'm feeling much better, and the bruises on my arm from my IV port are starting to fade, LOL.  Bob went back to work today, and things are getting back to normal, although we're still not doing too much school, other than Nathan and Luke's Rivendell assignments.  I'm so thankful for Rivendell, for keeping the boys on track when life gets in the way!

We had to make a few extra trips back to Bethesda this week because when we left on Saturday, Drew had lost more weight than they wanted to see.  So we trekked back up there on Sunday, where we discovered he was down to 8 pounds, 1 ounce--a loss of about 12% of his birthweight.  But my milk was in, he was nursing well, and he was peeing and pooping, so I wasn't worried.  Even his bili levels were just fine!  We had to come back again Monday, where he was up a whole ounce, to 8# 2 ounces.  The doctor we saw that day thought that was fine and going in the right direction, so now we don't have to come back until Dec. 17 for his regular 2 week check.  Whew!  I was getting tired of all these trips around the Beltway! 

I think that sometimes all this hyper concentration on newborn weight is not too productive, especially if everything else looks fine. As my sister-in-law Melinda (a labor and delivery nurse herself!) pointed out on Facebook, I had gotten a ton of fluids during my long labor--likely Drew got some of those too and was just losing the extra fluid weight.  I think that sounds right.  I know I was so very puffy and fluid-filled afterward--so much so that I scared Micah!  Drew is nursing like a trooper now, and he's doing a little better with sleeping in the pack-n-play for naps.  He still prefers to be held, if you can imagine--and believe me, there are always plenty of eager volunteers around to do so!  I have had to set the timer a few times to make sure everyone gets their fair turn, LOL.  Everyone is always so excited when Drew's eyes are open!  I wonder what he thinks as, whenever he peeps open his eyes, there is a sea of faces surrounding him, peering eagerly down at him.

Micah is not in the least bit jealous, and he's actually been quite gentle with Drew.  He gives him sweet little kisses on the top of his head and says, "Hi Drew!!" whenever he sees him.  So cute!  But clearly Micah sees himself as one of the "big kids" and doesn't feel threatened.  Plus, as I said before, there are plenty of people around to hold Drew besides me, so he can still snuggle with me when needed!

So we're doing just fine, and adjusting to being a family of 11! 


Beverly said...

Oh, yay! I'm so happy to read this! I haven't read your blog in so long but am thinking about you this morning as I catch up a bit on my own blog. :-) Get some rest!!

Tonya said...

You recover VERY quickly! After my last one I don't think I wanted to function for weeks after.