Sunday, February 03, 2013

One of Those Weeks . . .

 . . . where you think all your possessions are rebelling against you.  It started on Tuesday when one of those plastic deoderizer-things that hangs over the rim of the toilet bowl got knocked into the toilet and flushed.  We were attempting to make it not as noticeable that there are a bunch of boys using our main floor bathroom on a daily basis, but given the choice between a non-working toilet, and a bathroom that can smell like a hamster cage, now we realize we would pick the hamster cage.  So the toilet is well and truly clogged.  Reasonable solutions such as snaking have not yielded any positive results, so now Bob is thinking that he is going to have to actually take off the toilet.  Now there's a project to look forward to!

Next, it appears one of garage doors is possessed!  I was standing by our refrigerator Wednesday night when I thought I heard the garage door going up.  But we were all inside, so I convinced myself that it was just the dishwasher or something.  But a little later I heard the noise again, and I went out to the garage to check.  The door was down, but the light was on, indicating that the door had been moving!  Freaky!  We locked that garage door so it couldn't move, but the next day I unlocked it, just to see what would happen.  Sure enough, a little while later I was standing in the kitchen when I heard the garage door!  I ran out the door in time to catch it going up!  So now it is staying locked until Bob can take a look at it to see if wires are touching or something. 

Then yesterday we had another busy Saturday.  I took Jonathan to his pictures and game at 10:30, while Bob took Nathan to meet a review board for CAP, to determine if he will be selected to go to the summer special activities he would like.  After they got home, Bob left to take Luke to his 1:15 game.  At 12:55 I got a call from Bob.  He said his 2000 Honda Odyssey was "broken" and that I needed to come get Luke and take him on to his game!  When Bob was making a left turn, the van just made a big clunking noise and wouldn't go anymore.  It wouldn't even stay in park.  After talking to some repair guys, it seems the consensus is that the axle is broken.  We were actually hoping it was the transmission, since we had that replaced in March 2010 (I remembered it as "a year we didn't have a baby", LOL), and so it was still under warrenty.  But alas . . . this is a new problem, it seems. We didn't want to pay for weekend emergency towing, so the poor Ody is still stuck on the side of the road.  It looks like we'll be doing something with that tomorrow.  At least we have the big van as well as the Sienna!

Now we are waiting to see what causes problems this next week . . . (cue ominous music . . .)

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