Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anna!!

Anna turned 7 yesterday!  She hd a fun day, starting out with decorating her own cake in the morning!  Caleb baked her cake the night before--I am working myself out of a job!  Grace and Faith helped as well with the decorating, and Micah came along and helpfully ate extra frosting.  You can't even tell that Faith was standing on the chair and leaning over the cake, when she slipped and plunged her hand into the lower left quadrant on the cake.  I had to come to the rescue, so I guess I am still useful, LOL.   Oh, I did the writing too.  I think they will keep me around!

We had a playdate at my friend Lynnea's house, with her girls in the afternoon, and then Anna, Grace, Micah, and I took the traditional trip to Wegmans to pick out Anna's special birthday ice cream choices.  Dinner was kind of crazy, since Caleb and Jonathan had flag football practice from 6:00-7:30, and Bob and Nathan are their coaches.  The rest of us ate Anna's dinner choice, nachos, at a regualr dinner time.  We had this for the first time at Amy's house one time when we were visiting.  It's this yummy meat/bean mix that you cook in the crockpot, and you put that over tortilla chips and add toppings--lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, guacamole (well, I'm the only one who likes guacamole--thank goodness for those snack packs of guacamole from Sams!).  We had a fruit salad too.  It was yummy! 

Finally the boys got home, and Anna could open her presents.  She had been waiting all day for that moment!  She got several books, including a set of Rainbow Fairy books from Stephanie, who is in our Bible study!  Stephanie is Jonathan's age, and an excellent reader, so she is way past these books, and she's handing them down to Anna!  Anna was very excited to read them.  She also got a paint-with-water book, and some Little Mermaids that go in the bathtub (she and Grace used to have these, but they broke, alas).  From my parents, she got a latch-hook kit.  I used to love to latch-hook, so I think Anna will love it too!  The kit makes a butterfly pillow.  That will be a fun summer project!

Then we had cake and ice cream.  Drew was upset because he didn't get any.  Normally he likes the bumbo, where he reigns as king over the table, but not so last night.  Off to bed with him!
So now Anna is 7!  She is so much fun!  Bob took her skiing for the first time on Monday, and she had such a great time.  She is enthusiastic about trying new things, for the most part.  She and Grace are taking gymnastics at the community center right now, which they both absolutely LOVE.  I got her a little reader book about gymnastics from Half-Price Books when I was back in Ohio, and she and Grace have been trying to do everything pictured in the book. She has also really come a long way in her reading, even since Christmas.  And of course, she is a fantastic big sister!  Happy Birthday, Anna!

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