Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From a family with very little, if any actual Irish blood, LOL.  But hey, traditions are fun, so for the past several years we've had corned beef and colcannon, along with Irish soda bread for dinner.  Last year and this year, however, events conspired against us, and although both times I started the corned beef in the crockpot in the morning, we were not able to eat our traditional meal on St. Patrick's Day!

Last year we spent the entire day in Costco, attempting to decide what new cell phones we would be getting.  We finally walked out of there with T-Mobile phones--which turned out to get no reception at our house.  So we had to go back the next day and spend another afternoon there, getting the ill-fated (and hated!)Verizon Droid phones.  Forgive me for not linking the posts, but remembering those days makes me twitchy . . .

Today was nothing so dramatic, just a day where I failed to take into account how crazy our schedule actually is.  We all went to church, and then Bob took Caleb and Jonathan to their flag football evaluations at 1:00.  He is going to coach their team, so he had to stay and watch everyone, so he could try to figure out who he wanted to draft.  They got home, and Bob and I rushed off to our church small group meeting, already in progress.  We left there around 4:00, and when we got home, Bob started working on his drafting strategies until he left for the draft meeting at 5:30.  I loaded up all the kids for us to drop Nathan and Luke off at Nathan's Teen Community Bible Study.  Tonight was "8th grader/parents visitation night", so Luke got to go as well, to see what it is like for next year.  Nathan has really enjoyed it and gotten a lot out of it this year.  Anyhow, they feed the kids, so Nathan and Luke didn't need to eat dinner, which I had totally forgotten about this morning when I started the brisket.  The rest of the kids and I headed home, and Bob caught up with the boys at the CBS place as soon as his meeting was over, so he also didn't eat dinner.  Missing 3 of our biggest eaters, I decided we would have left-overs tonight, and we'll eat the corned beef tomorrow!

Clearly us "non-Irish" folk are supposed to be celebrating March 18, it seems!

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