Thursday, June 20, 2013

A New Scourge

Everyone is smiling here, but we've actually been dealing with a new issue--pinkeye!  About two weeks ago, on a Thursday, Nathan, Luke, and I took the younger 5 kids to Chik-Fil-A for dinner while Bob took Caleb and Jonathan to swim practice.  It was an eventful dinner, ending with one milkshake dumped on the floor, and another one punctured through the foam cup and leaking all over Luke.  But through it all, Drew's eyes were suspiciously gunky.  We all hoped it was. . . well, anything else, but when he woke up Friday with his eyes stuck shut, we knew the dreaded pinkeye had struck!

By Sunday both eyes were worse, and Faith had gunk in one eye, so I got up early to make a doctor appointment on Monday.  It was tricky because I also had a follow-up appointment for myself, to give me the results of an MRI I had done on my knee (it showed nothing).  I had to bring Nathan along as my designated big helper, but I was able to get appointments for Faith and Drew after mine, and, in a HUGE praise, we were able to be finished in the doctor's office before the pharmacist who sits in the pediatric clinic left for the day, so we didn't have to wait in the huge line at the pharmacy for the meds!  One thing the doctor wondered was how Drew could have possibly gotten pickeye?!  I had wondered this as well, since he has never even been in the church nursery, so you would think that if something was going around, the other kids would have gotten it first.  The first time I put the ointment in his eyes (Faith got drops), he cried and cried big watery tears.  And out washed a big black thing!  Actually it was one of those little back gnat things, but it looked huge on his cheek!  I think that had been in his eye and got infected.

So it took a few days for Faith and Drew to get better, but I thought we were through it.  Then on Friday afternoon, Micah's eyes started getting gunky.  And on Saturday, as we were driving to Ohio, Luke's eyes got gunky . . . At least we already had the medicine, so I started both of them on it right away, and everything went away really quickly.

Since we've been here in Ohio, Luke, Nathan, and I have also dealt with some vague kind of bug involving a cough and a low-grade fever.  And last night I realized I had pinkeye as well!  Unbelievable!  We were healthy for this whole incredibly stressful school year, and now that it is over, we haven't been healthy at all!  Which is a blessing, when you think about it, LOL.  All this sickness at least waited until we were done!  I am so ready for us all to be well again.  June has definitely not been a month where we have gotten anything done . . .
*Update*  Anna also came down with pinkeye, starting the day after I came down with it.  Sigh.  Our little bottle of antibiotic eyedrops has been like the widow's jar of oil so far, not running out.  May it continue!

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