Friday, June 21, 2013

Grandma/Grandpa Camp

On Saturday, June 8, Anna, Grace, and I got up early and drove to Washington, PA, where we met my parents for lunch at Cracker Barrel!  We were celebrating my mom's birthday, but I was also dropping off Anna and Grace so my parents could drive them back to Ohio for a week of Grandma/Grandpa camp!  My brother's daughter Emily and my Aunt Claire joined them on Tuesday.  They all had so much fun!!  They went to the Boonshoft Museum, always a popular fun destination.  They also went to Youngs, where they played 2 rounds of mini-golf and went down the big slide--even Emily, who was too scared last year!  They made apple pies, which were absolutely delicious!  They played in the little pool in the yard, played with toys, read books, and giggled for a week!
We all arrived Saturday evening, in time to eat dinner and sample the pies for dessert.  The next day we went to the base chapel and grilled out for Father's Day. 
Monday morning we went out for a special "girls breakfast" to Mimi's Café.  Even Faith and I got to go!  We sure missed Melinda and Elia though!  The 3 "Grandma/Grandpa Camp" girls wore their matching dresses and looked so cute.  People ask if they are triplets, LOL.  You may notice Anna wearing glasses in all these pictures.  She actually got glasses a year ago, but she rarely wears them . . . except when her cousin Emily is around!  She wore them all week long!  Except that she wore them on the end of her nose, so she didn't actually have to look through them, LOL.  I need to take her back in for another eye appointment!
Monday afternoon Grandpa took us out for rides in his 1928 Model A Ford!  Micah was quite excited about being in the car, especially when he was in the front seat, playing with the steering wheel.  But when Grandpa started up the car, he got so scared!  We had to stop and let him out! 
Tuesday after lunch Emily and Aunt Claire sadly had to go to the airport.  Here is a picture of 4 Claires, right before they left:  me, Aunt Claire, Emily Claire, and Anna Claire.
Another successful year of Grandma/Grandpa Camp! 

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