Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

 Nathan turned 16 yesterday!  It's so hard to believe I've been a mom for 16 years . . . changing diapers for 16 years straight . . .  Nathan and I went out to breakfast at Mimi's, since he had noted that he had never been there.  After running a few errands, we dashed home so I could nurse and we could eat lunch, Then Anna, Nathan, and I trekked over to Bethesda.  Nathan thought a delightful way to celebrate his birthday would be to make a hospital visit in honor of his actual birthday! 

Well, not really, but as it turned out, on our drive back to Ohio Saturday afternoon, Anna got pinkeye in her other eye.  And at 4:00 Sunday morning, Nathan stumbled into our room to tell Bob and me that he had pinkeye in both eyes.  Our little bottle of antibiotic drops finally ran dry on Sunday, so we had to make another appointment to get some more.  Thankfully Anna was affected, because when I called at 6:30 Monday morning to make an appointment for Nathan, the appointment person told me there had been no same-day appointments released for the adolescent clinic--and that had been how it was lately--all due to "the sequester" of course.  Ummm . . . how about a few less million dollars for President Obama's Africa junket, and a few more dollars for adolescent doctor appointments?!

So we got the medicine (trivia fact--the active-duty Army doc we saw had 16 letters in her last name . . . the smallest font on her name tape that I have ever seen!) and headed home so I could put together and frost Nathan's cake.  He wanted a Cessna 182, which is the aircraft they fly for Civil Air Patrol.  Here is something I am realizing about myself--the fewer people that see the cake in person, the worse I do on it, LOL.  The proportions were all wrong, and it definitely ended up looking like the star of "Charlie Cessna Joins the CAP!"  Plus, the wings (which I made out of sugar cookie dough) sagged because I didn't listen to my better judgment and cook them even longer.  Oh well.  The evidence is almost gone!
Nathan got a speed bag, along with some contraption to hang it from the basement ceiling, as well as a shaker weight, a new dress shirt, and the game "Wits and Wagers".  Ryan, our good neighbor friend, has been over today, and they have already played 2 games!  Fun game!  We also got Nathan personalized dog tags, which he has been wanting.  I brought out a tiny, sparkly little gift bag, and he was definitely wondering, LOL.  But he was happy to see what it contained!  We got them from a seller on Amazon, Jason from "Tag-Z", and he was great to work with!  Another sort of early birthday present Nathan got were contacts!  Of course, now he can't wear them until the pinkeye is totally cleared up, but before that, everything has been going very well, and he is really enjoying being able to see without wearing his glasses!
So now Nathan is 16, and we only have 2 more years with him here at home!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone--I still remember so clearly his birth at the USAFA hospital, like it was not too long ago! He is so much fun to have around, and I love how he is a leader for the younger kids. 

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