Thursday, September 12, 2013

9 Month Drew

Drew turned 9 months on August 30, but I didn't get a well-baby appointment until this afternoon.  He hasn't had a well-baby appointment in quite a while, since he had his 3 month one around 5 months old, and I never got around to making a 6 month one!  He was sick with pink-eye and that pneumonia thing in June and into July, so we were already at Bethesda a few times, and I had no desire to make yet another trip!
After getting his vitals, we cooled our heels in an exam room for quite some time.  I didn't mind the wait--I read a book, and Drew crawled around and pulled stuff out of the diaper bag--but eventually a tech came in and asked if the doctor had ever come in.  No, and it turned out that the doctor we were supposed to see had gotten called away by an emergency, so we had to go to another room and see the staff pediatrician.  He was a nice older man who agreed that Drew was a totally well baby.  Drew is still small though--only 17.5 pounds.  We talked about that a bit, but when you can talk about 7 other healthy siblings who also hug the 5th percentile line, well, doctors tend not to worry so much.  We're the poster family for non-childhood obesity!  Drew is in the 54th percentile for height, which seems pretty normal as well.  Also, Drew eats well, a good variety of food and textures.  He loves table food so much more than pureed stuff, so maybe he'll gain more weight now that that is all he is eating.  Probably not, though, LOL.  The doctor and I had a fun time talking about genetics with such a large sample size!
I noticed last week that Drew has his 5th tooth in, another on up top, and the 6th one is close to coming through.  He has been pretty drooly lately!   He got some shots, so I guess if he is crabby, I can blame either the shots or the teething.
Drew still has made no moves towards walking.  He will move around holding onto things, but he will not let go, even for a second, without immediately dropping down to the ground.  I think he is going to be cautious, like Jonathan, who was my latest walker.  He didn't start walking until he was 14 months, and he only started then because Aunt Jane and Uncle Terry patiently worked with him when we were up at Idlewild for Bob's dad's company picnic that year!  Unfortunately, no aunt and uncle sightings are planned for anytime soon, so Drew will most likely just go on crawling because he's good at it, and he gets places fast.  Why bother with trying something new?!

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