Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Geology Lesson

Yesterday morning I taught at our elementary co-op.  We're starting off the year with a geology unit, which is definitely not my most favorite of topics.  But it will be so good to have my teaching there out of the way early in the year! 

Anyhow, I taught the first and second graders.  It's been awhile since I taught one of the younger tiers.  We made these adorable landform flipbooks from this blog, and they turned out so well!  The girls, predictably, loved them--all that cutting, coloring, and gluing!  Some of the boys were very diligent, and some of them spent their time throwing markers at each other and crawling under the table, LOL.  Now I have Micah, however, and I can fully imagine him being one of those boys in a few years, so no judgment here.  I am working on him though!!

I actually had a few other activities planned, but talking about the various landforms and looking at pictures, plus making these books, took all our time.  I forgot how long it can take first and second graders to do things!  They were so cute though.  What fun ages!

Did you happen to look closely at Grace, my lovely flipbook model?  Sunday night she had an unfortunate run-in with the concrete blocks we use as stairs for our trampoline.  They won.  This morning her black eye is even more vivid!

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